269 – Pet Steps

269 – Pet Steps

(dopey music) – [Marc] Dogs having problem
getting into the truck? You need one of these. ♫ Hit it (upbeat funk music) On today’s show we’re gonna build these multi-functional pet steps. Good girl! Millie here is only five years old, and even she could use
a little bit of help getting to high places, like
the inside of this truck. And those of you with older dogs, or little dogs, you know how hard it is for them to get up into their favorite sleeping spot on the
bed, so a set of steps like this is gonna be really handy. The other cool thing about them is they actually turn into a ramp, so let me show you how they work. And we just bring the legs out, like so. So you can see now we’ve got a nice ramp that we can use, but we can also go to the next step, literally, and create a nice series of steps. And just as easily, it
collapses, for easy storage. The project is made from 3/4 inch plywood, and we’re gonna build
it in the back of this 2017 Honda Ridgeline. You can easily fit full sheets of plywood in the back of the Ridgeline, and you’ll only need one to get this job done. Break the plywood down, according to the cut diagram, using an edge
guide and a circular saw. And don’t be afraid to get into your work. Once cross cut into the main sections, begin ripping the various project parts. (saw whirs) The stringers have a 50 degree angle cut at the bottom, and a 40
degree angle cut at the top. The legs also have a 40 degree
angle cut at the bottom. With the stringers clamped together make careful measurements for the various 3/8 inch holes. Most of the holes are a half inch deep, but some do go all the way through. (drill whirs) For the through hole, and the stringers, first start with a 3/4
inch forstner bit hole. Then drill the 3/8 inch
hole all the way through. (drill whirs) This should allow our bolt to
sit flush with the surface. Using the same bit,
drill one inch deep holes into the ends of the treads and risers. Use some glue to attach the tread cleats to the underside of the treads. Once the glue is dry, use a small roundover bit, or sandpaper,
to ease all the edges. Now cut some 3/8 dowel stock to just a hair over 1 1/4 inch. Glue the dowels into
the treads and risers. (upbeat ambient music) Now drop the treads and risers into the respective holes,
and attach the second riser on the other side. To secure the whole assembly, pre-drill and attach the two short stretchers with screws. (drill buzzes) Use the 3/8 inch bit
to help align the leg. Make sure it’s nice
and square to the edge, and strike a line. This line shows us where to install the third long stretcher, which also serves as a stop for our legs. Attach the legs by inserting a bolt up through the hole in the stringer. Add a washer between
the leg and the stringer to act as a spacer. Now, finish it off with
another washer and a lock nut. Repeat the process on the other side. Finally, attach the leg
stretcher to the legs. (drill buzzes) And now we can give it a test run. Looks pretty, pretty, pretty good. For additional safety, add some adhesive backed grip tape to the treads. And just like that, this
project is complete, and the tools can stow away nicely in the in-bed truck. Now if you want to build this project, you could download the free plans at Alright, let’s go dogs. Go on, you can do it. You can do it Winnie! Stella, come here! Boing, boing. Yay, good girl! (laughs)

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  1. I know people give you a ton of shit about doing these for Honda. I actually like the non-woodworking sponsorship. Seems like it could give you the ability to use the tools of your choice and maybe build projects of choice. I am aware that Honda had specific project types in mind for this, but still cool builds.

    Now if we could get Dunkin to sponsor you, that would be awesome. Someone come up with a cool hashtag we can trend…

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  42. My pupper is getting old and this is such a straightforward design I think even I can manage with my limited tools. No router so I'll ease over with a mouse sander. But how do I manage the 40 and 50 degree cuts with no miter saw? Protractor and hacksaw?

  43. This is one of those projects I wasn't looking for but glad I saw it. My in-laws could definitely use this for their pup. Nice work!

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  60. Now the troll comment- when using a locking nut the threads need to extend through the nut. Ideally 2 threads after the nut. Otherwise I loved this series of videos, exposing woodworking to a new group. The Ridgeline in its new form is the perfect truck for the masses. I looked at a preproduction Black model at an Indy car race in May. Almost enough to convince me to trade, as I don't need more the Ridgeline offers.

  61. the boing reminded me of QBert…

  62. I built this for my Frenchie pup. Works great (and she actually uses it) subtituded carpeting in leau of the grit tape. Think the carriage bolts need to be longer. Nylon in the lock nut doesn't engage with the bolt. Thanks Marc!

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