25 INCREDIBLE Planets We Could Live On Someday

25 INCREDIBLE Planets We Could Live On Someday

Have you ever wondered if humans could live
on other planets besides Earth? With so many star systems and planets in the
Universe, the likelihood of other habitable planets is very high. So, what do we mean by habitable? Usually, it means that a rocky planet is within
the habitable zone of its star and is capable of housing water. So, it doesn’t necessarily mean humans can
fly out there and make camp. While many planets might not be totally habitable
for human life, being within the habitable zone and having water is a good start. With the right technology, we one day could
transform it or create an artificial environment to live there. Ready to trek into space and visit a possible
new planet to call home? I’m Mike with List25 and Here are 25 Incredible
Planets We Could Live On Someday. 25. Kepler-438b – Discovered by scientists at
the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, this planet is 470 light-years away in the
Lyra constellation. It has a dwarf star, is in the habitable zone,
and has both a rocky surface and the potential for flowing water. 24. Kepler-296e – This planet is an Earth-sized
exo-planet also in the Kepler system, but it’s much larger than Earth, measuring 1.75
times larger. It’s also a terrestrial planet in the habitable
zone. 23. Kepler-62e – About 1,200 light-years from
Earth, this planet is a potential water world with a cloudy sky and humid climate. It orbits its star every 122 days and is about
1.6 times the size of Earth. While there may be life on the planet, it
might prove difficult for our own civilization to live there. 22. Gliese 832 c – Located in the Grus constellation,
this planet might have Earth-like temperatures with large seasonal shifts. It’s thought it could either harbor life or
have an atmosphere too hot like Venus. In which case, it wouldn’t work out for us. 21. K2-3d – Orbiting its host star EPIC 201367065,
this planet is 147 light-years away and 1.5 times the size of Earth. In contrast to Earth, K2-3d orbits close to
its star but the temperature of the star and distance of the orbit still puts the planet
in the habitable zone. 20. Kepler-283c – First discovered in 2014, this
planet is located roughly 1,741 light years away from Earth. It’s in the habitable zone and also orbits
its star for 92.7 days. 19. Kepler-1544b – A newly discovered planet,
first announced in 2016, Kepler-1544b is 1,138 light-years away. It orbits around its star every 168.8 days. While it’s in the habitable zone, it’s just
scratching the surface. 18. Gliese 180 c – This planet is 38 light years
from our solar system and, of course, is also in the habitable zone. It’s considered a super-Earth, measuring about
6.4 times larger than our planet. 17. Kepler-440b – Orbiting around an orange dwarf
star, this planet takes about 101 days to revolve around it. While it’s in the habitable zone, some believe
it’s likely a gaseous planet. Of course, if that’s the case, then it wouldn’t
exactly work for us to live there. But who knows? Maybe it’ll turn out to be rocky? 16. Kepler-1638b – This planet orbits a star very
much like our own sun, but it’s also 60 percent wider than Earth. While it’s not identical to Earth, there is
a likelihood water could exist on the planet, and it’s thought to be more Earth-like than
many other exo-planets. 15. LHS 1140 b – A recent find, LHS 1140 b orbits
its red dwarf star every 25 days. It’s also a Super-Earth with 8.5 times Earth’s
mass. It could also prove a long-lasting planet
as red dwarf stars can live for trillions of years, and while red dwarfs can be temperamental,
this one seems to be the exception to the rule. 14. TRAPPIST-1g – Around 40 light-years away in
the constellation Aquarius, this planet is about 10 percent larger than Earth and is
likely tidal locked, where the planet continuously faces its star, Trappist-1. If you were to stand on this planet, you’d
likely see many other planets close up, as we’ll soon discover. 13. TRAPPIST-1f – Like its sister planets, this
planet is 40 light years away and orbits the star TRAPPIST-1, an ultra-cool dwarf star. It’s very close to many other habitable planets
near this star and would also be tidal locked. Tidal locked planets have a terminator line
where one side would be perpetually icy while the other would have flowing water. 12. TRAPPIST-1e – Also in the TRAPPIST-1 system,
this planet is unique in its similarities to Earth in radius, mass, and the amount of
radiation it receives from the star. It could also have a rocky interior as well
as exterior, making it even more similar to our planet. 11. TRAPPIST-1d – One of the smallest and lightest
of the TRAPPIST-1 planets, TRAPPIST-1d is habitable but how much so is questionable. Scientists aren’t sure how thick the atmosphere
is or if it has an ocean or layer of ice. There’s concern it might also have volatile
substances. 10. Luyten b – Scientists believe Luyten b is
both habitable and could have potential life on it. In fact, scientists are so convinced of potential
life on the planet, they have been sending messages to communicate with aliens. The planet is 12.4 light-years away and three
times the size of Earth. 9. Kepler-186f – Kepler-186f takes the prize
for being the first validated habitable and Earth-sized planet of a distant star. 500 light-years away, it’s known to be less
than ten percent larger than Earth, although its mass is not known. Orbiting its star every 130 days, it’s roughly
within the habitable zone. 8. Kepler-62f – Located 1,200 light-years away
in the constellation Lyra, this super-Earth planet orbits its star every 267 days and
is most certainly habitable. It’s also 40 percent larger than our planet,
so there’s plenty of space to roam around. 7. Kepler-1229b – Roughly 770 light-years away,
this recently discovered planet is located in the constellation Cygnus. It’s a rocky planet orbiting a red dwarf star
with a mass and radius much larger than Earth. 6. Wolf 1061c – Just 14 light-years away, Wolf
1061c is one of the closest habitable planets to us. It’s in the Ophiucus constellation and orbits
a red dwarf star every 18 days. But, it’s not very similar to Earth, being
tidal locked and having a greater mass and size. 5. Kepler-452b – While this planet is estimated
to be 60 percent larger than Earth, it and the star it orbits are very similar to our
own. It orbits its star every 385 days and has
the same temperature as ours, sitting right on the edge of the habitable zone. 4. Kepler-442b – This planet is potentially more
habitable than our own. According to a paper published in Astrophysical
Journal that compiled data to measure habitability, Earth’s habitability rating is 0.829, while
Kepler-442b is 0.836. Unfortunately, this planet is 1,100 light
years away, so unless we make super fast spaceships, we’re not getting there anytime soon. 3. Gliese 667 Cc – Discovered in 2009, this planet
is 23 light-years from Earth. While it’s habitable, it’s very different
from our own planet. It has much greater gravity than Earth and
the light from its red dwarf star is dimmer, making the planet far darker than our own. 2. Proxima Centauri b – Only four light-years
away, Proxima Centauri b is 1.3 times the mass of Earth and is within the habitable
zone. The surface would be a chilly -40 C and its
red dwarf star could prove to be unstable, causing too much radiation for humans to handle. But with technology, it’s still a likely candidate
for making a new home. 1. Mars – Mars is the closest semi-habitable
planet to Earth. In fact, NASA is currently working to find
ways to make it more habitable in the future, including sending out an artificial magnetic
field to help bring back its atmosphere. With the right technology, Mars could easily
become humanity’s new home. Enjoying our lists? Be sure to click that subscribe button on
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