25 Fun Facts About Cats

25 Fun Facts About Cats People these days like to talk down about
the noble cat. Most of them say that they’re dog people and
that cats are boring. “Ooh, you can’t take them out on walks” we
hear them say. Well, we’re about to make you do a complete
180 dog lover. Keep watching and we’ll tell you some of the
most fun facts about cats. But, before we get started, go ahead and subscribe
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that notification bell too? We promise that we’re the “cat’s meow”. Alright, back to cats. For a long time, humans have known that cats
are amazing, very cute pets. From the Egyptians who considered them divine
to people in the early stages of the internet… who also considered them divine, mankind has
worshipped kittys for almost all of our recorded history. In this video let’s celebrate our ancestor’s
love for kittens and let’s explore some fun facts about our very cute feline friends. 1. The Saviour Cat. This inspiring tale about a feline who rescued
a human infant shows that cats make such great pets. As the story goes, a cat in Russia named Masha
saved a baby’s life. It found the baby abandoned in a box outside
in the winter and the kitty went inside the box to keep the child warm. 2. Expert Mouse Hunters. Did you know that at night, Disneyland employees
work to keep the pest problem under control? Working around the clock, these dedicated
Disney workers are on constant patrol for nasty rodents. They’re also very cute and speak in “”meows”. If you hadn’t figured it out already, the
employees are stray cats. 3. Fat Bottomed Felines. Freddie Mercury was a huge cat lover. His solo album in 1985 was dedicated to his
cats and “all the cat lovers across the universe, screw everyone else.” I wonder how many kittens are in that new
Bohemian Rhapsody movie? Who knows, maybe the reason their up for an
Oscar is due to the cat influence. 4. Fat Kitty. The Guinness World Records have stopped awarding
anything that discourages deliberate overfeeding, including the award for fattest cats. Sorry, Garfield but it looks like you just
lost one of your greatest claims to fame. 5. Killers Cats. Ever wonder why your cat always brings you
dead animals? Well, they’re natural born hunters and they
keep their keen hunting skills that their ancestors had. When your kitty presents you with a trophy,
make sure that you thank it with a nice “meow”. 6. Eye Contact. Cat people are going to love this one because
they’re always convinced they can “talk to their cat”. Well, turns out you’re not crazy. Cats do a lot of communicating with their
eyes. When they slowly blink at you or do a kind
of wink, that means that they recognize you as their owner and trust you. 7. Paging Doctor Cat. Physicist Jack Hetherington made his cat him
the co-author of his paper because he accidentally wrote “we” instead of “I” throughout
the paper and didn’t want to change it. Wow, what an incredible display of laziness. It would be like if we didn’t even finish
this fun fa. 8. Spooky Kittens. A lot of shelters don’t allow people to
adopt black cats during the month of October, in fear that people will torture or sacrifice
them on Halloween. Jeez! Poor kittens, you weirdo witches, and devil
worshipers leave those poor cats alone! 9. Kitty Delivery. In 1879, people decided to try and get cats
to deliver the mail in Belgium. It didn’t last long and wasn’t successful
in the least. Maybe if you had them deliver dead birds and
hairballs, but otherwise you’d probably be out of luck. 10. Flying-Feline. Walter Wellman brought his cat when he and
his friends tried to cross the Atlantic Ocean in an Airship. The first ever in-flight radio transmission
was “Roy, come and get this goddamn cat.” Huh, makes you wonder what the cat was doing. 11. Love Between Species. Koko the “talking” gorilla has a love
for babies; kittens, to be exact. This past year, she asked for a kitten and
got it. Sadly, the kitten died and the gorilla is
now grieving. Heartbreaking! 12. They Hear You. Cats can actually recognize their owners voice
but have never actually evolved to care about acknowledging them. A little heartless, but it’s not their fault. They’re like angsty teenagers– they can
totally hear you telling them to stop, they just don’t care. 13. The Psychic Kitten. Oscar the cat was able to predict when people
in his nursing home were about to die. You would know the person was about to die
when Oscar took a nap beside them, usually during their final hours. It was so accurate that the staff would call
the people’s relatives. They say he could smell the person’s dying
cells, which is a little morbid and not at all very cute. 14. O Britannia. The British Government has a position that
can be only given to cats. It’s called “Chief Mouser To The Cabinet
Office.” The photo makes it so official and adorable. 15. Why Do They Meow? Here’s a fun fact about cats, adult cats only
meow to communicate with humans. So if you feel like your cat is angry at you,
they’re just trying to have a conversation. Just meow back at them and maybe they’ll understand. 16. Death Row Pets. A prison in Washington DC has set up a cat
rehabilitation program, pairing up “Death Row” shelter cats with select inmates. The program is known to have positive effects. Seems kind of unfair to the cats, they develop
a bond with a person and then one day suddenly they’re not there anymore. 17. Since The Dawn Of Man. Like we previously stated, cats have been
around since the time of the Egyptian Empire. In fact, for about 4,000 years there have
been cat people. At first, we domesticated them for their hunting
abilities, but these days we just love them because they’re adorable and furry and their
meows melt our hearts. 18. The King Of Pets. Ask yourself this, what’s the most popular
pet in America? The dog? The bird? The snake or some other weird animal? NOPE! It is in fact, the cat. Are you really surprised though? They’re so gosh darn convenient and very cute,
how can you resist them? 19. The Healthy Choice. Not only are cats the most popular pets in
the US, but they also are the best choice for you health-wise. Researchers have shown that people who own
kittens are at a lower risk of cardiovascular disease than people who don’t. Also, seniors who own cats are often less
depressed than elderly non-cat owners. So they help your heart and make you happy? Count me in! 20. Crazy Cat Man. Have you ever heard of the “Crazy Cat Lady”
cliche? That stereotype where an older woman owns
a bunch of cats to get over her loneliness? Well, believe it or not, the craziest of crazy
cat ladies wasn’t a lady AT ALL. His name is Jack Wright and he owns the world
record for the most cats kept by one person. How many you ask? Try 689. Jeez! That’s a lot of cats! 21. A Group Of Cats. We all know that a group of crows is called
a murder and that a group of owls is called a parliament, but what about a group of cats? Well, the language experts at PURINA tell
us that a group of cats is called a clowder and a group of kittens is called a kindle. Wow, I’ve heard you can read a lot of books
off a group of kittens! 22. What’s The Difference? Clearly, pet cats and wild cats are different,
but what’s exactly dissimilar about the two relatives? Well for starters, domestic cats are known
as “little” cats because they’re, well, littler than the big cats. Also, little cats can purr and are naturally
active at night. Maybe big cats would be more active at night
if they weren’t LION around all the time! 23. Left Or Right? Turns out, like humans, cats have a dominant
paw. Blows your mind, doesn’t it? The funniest part about it is that, unlike
humans, most cats are left pawed rather than right-pawed. How would you determine such a thing, you
ask? The people at SMITHSONIANMAG asked owners
to pay attention to which paws their cats used. As in, which one they stepped on before going
down the stairs, which one they pawed at you with, etc. They found that the majority of cats used
their left paw. Huh, the more you know. 24. Always Land On Their Feet. We’ve all heard that old adage, but did you
know that there’s some truth to it? Yes, apparently some cats have survived huge
falls. The BBC even reported that one cat fell 32
stories and only suffered from a chipped tooth. The brave kitty was even walking the streets
two hours later. Talk about nine lives! 25. Mayor Stubbs. In Talkeetna, Alaska, they’ve had the same
mayor for 15 years. That doesn’t seem all that special until you
hear that the mayor, Stubbs, is a cat. I wonder what his platform was and if he’s
kept all of his campaign promises. I wonder if he and the Chief Mouser To The
Cabinet Office ever get together for diplomatic missions. Sigh… Only in America! And those are the cat facts people. What about you? What do you love most about our furry kitten
pets? Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments section below
all your feelings about felines!

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