19 BIGGEST Dog Breeds On Earth!

19 BIGGEST Dog Breeds On Earth!

19 BIGGEST Dog Breeds On Earth 19. French Mastiff- The most abundant breeds of
dogs such as Mastiffs, St.Bernard, and Great Danes, have the strength to attack you like
wild animals. But once you give them enough care and love
they can be your companion. The French Mastiff measures between 20-30
inches tall and weigh anywhere from 119 to 136 pounds! This beautiful breed is distinguished by their
muscular body and massive head. Their skin is very thick, and the frame features
lots of wrinkles on their neck and face. The broad head is the most attractive part
of this breed. It has small eyes, a broad nose, and short
hanging ears and their face always has a cute expression. Their coat is short and soft and comes in
shades of light dawn to dark red. As puppies, they should be trained and socialized. They can only become good watch dogs if they
are trained consistently. If trained right they can even be a good rescue
dog. They are very loyal and protective of their
family. They are gentle with children and get along
well with other pets in households. 18. Neapolitan Mastiff- This breed is a large
guardian breed native to Italy. Way back in the day Romans once used this
breed as war dogs. The height of this giant dog breed ranged
from 26 inches to 30 inches and weigh from 119-198 pounds! The massive Neopolitan dogs have a thick wrinkled
face and thick skin, with a flat head and large nose. Their fur is short and dense and comes in
colors of grey, brown, black, and fawn. Like other watch dogs, this one demands training
and socialization. They make great family dogs and can easily
sense threats. They don’t bark much but their smart enough
to warn their owners about threats in no time. 17. Boerboel- These are bred as guard dogs. They are very large and have a sturdy stature. They are originally from South Africa. They can be over 27 inches tall and weigh
up to 220 pounds. Boerboels are very smart and obedient with
strong territorial instincts. They are loyal and great with kids, which
makes them great family pets. And tend to be protective of their territory
and owners. 16. Russian black terrier- This breed was created
in USSR during the late 1940s for use as a working/military dog. People believe that the Russian black terrier
is a cross between 17 different breeds. The males stand between 28 and 30 inches tall
and weigh up to 130 pounds. Females are lighter and smaller. These dogs are calm and courageous. Their very intelligent and adapts well to
training. Their life span is quite long, living up to
14 years old and is generally a healthy dog but can sometimes be prone to certain hereditary
diseases like hip or elbow dysplasia. Overall this is a very sweet and calm type
of dog. 15. Newfoundland- The Newfoundland is a large
breed with an average height of thirty inches tall and weighs between 130 – 154 pounds. Their bones are very strong, and it has been
said that this breed is stronger than most other large dogs. They have very broad heads and shoulders. The Newfoundland dogs have long thick coats,
mainly black in color. Their coats also need to be groomed to keep
them in good condition. Their social dogs and actually very intelligent. They are very sensitive to their master’s
voice which allows them to be trained quickly. They rarely bark but are protective of their
family. They can detect threats in no time. They make great family pets but remember they
are still large animals and should be supervised with children. 14. Anatolian Shepherd Dog- The Anatolian Shepherd
is a large, powerful dog breed native to Turkey. They initially developed to protect livestock. This large breed can weigh up to 150 pounds! And can be between 26 – 31 inches in height. These dogs are best known their endurance. The Anatolian Shepherds have large, round
shaped heads. Their medium sized eyes range from brown to
light amber, and their neck is thick and very strong. They have triangular shaped ears that can
be 4-6 inches long and hang down. They are very smart, affectionate, protective,
and loyal creatures. They make great guard dogs because they are
very suspicious of strangers. Their very good with children but be cautious
because they are still large and powerful. 13. Komondor- This one is better known as the
“mop dog,” the Komondor is a mighty big dog breed that has mostly been used to guard
livestock. They are easily recognizable because of its
distinctive long coat; it looks just like a mop! This breed comes from Hungary where it’s
been named one of its national treasures, and it is to be preserved and protected from
changes. Males usually reach around 31 inches in height
and weigh up to 130 pounds. Females are slightly smaller and are approximately
28 inches tall and weigh up to 110 pounds. 12. Leonberger- Also known as the Leo, is named
after the Leonberg city in Germany. They have a striking black face and a long
coat; this breed has a lion-like appearance. They weigh between 99 – 169 pounds and can
be anywhere between 26-32 inches in height. The Leo has a rectangular shaped head. The black mask-like face of this dog gives
them a great expression. They have long noses and long, thick coats. Their coats are water resistant and come in
colors of yellow, red, brown and cream. They needed to be trained from a young age
and socialized so their not aggressive with people. A well trained Leo has great patience which
makes them great around kids. 11. Akbash- This is a native to western Turkey,
The Akbash was primarily bred as a livestock guardian dog and a shepherd dog. They weigh between 75 to 140 pounds and range
from about 27 to 34 inches tall. The Akbash is leaner and taller than most
Turkish livestock dogs. They have a short-smooth full white double
coat that sometimes has light markings on the ears. As for their personality, they tend to be
calm but aware of their surroundings. When protecting their family or territory,
they have tremendous power, endurance and focus. Their lifespan is generally between 10 and
11 years. 10. Scottish deerhound- Also known as the Deerhound,
is a tall kind of hound bred to hunt the red deer. They have been used in history to help in
the hunt and hoofed game. Males can be over 32 inches tall and weigh
around 110 pounds. The females are usually about 28 inches tall,
and their weight ranges from 75 to 95 pounds full grown. 9. Kangal- The Kangal is another livestock guardian
dog that originated in Turkey. Measurements for this breed differ, but the
U.S. standard is a height of 30-32 inches tall and weigh up to 145 pounds. Females are usually around 120 pounds. This dog is not as heavy as some other mastiff
breeds, but this makes them faster and more agile than some other large dogs. Kangals can reach up to 30 miles per hour
in speed. They are normally calm, powerful and protective
dogs. When they are properly socialized, they are
very friendly with people and children. 8. Landseer- These kinds of dogs are remarkably
similar to Newfoundlands, and some people even consider the breed to be a black and
white variant, but the international federation of kennel clubs says they are a separate breed
and not the same. The body proportions are also very similar
to the Newfoundland with males reaching 32 inches in height and weighing 180 pounds. Despite its large size, it is known for its
gentleness. They like swimming and aren’t afraid of
water; they have even been known to rescue drowning people. 7. English Mastiff- The English Mastiff is the
largest dog in the world by considering the mass. On average they weigh between 149 and 242
pounds! Wow! And a height of 27-33 inches. In September 1981 the Guinness Book of World
Records named an English Mastiff named Zorba as the longest and heaviest dog in the world. Zorba was 27 inches tall and weighed 324 pounds! This is one of the oldest dog breeds in the
world; the giant sized dogs were also used in Roman times for gladiatorial fights. Their appearance features are V-shaped ears,
a black nose, and black mask that gives them a unique look. Their coats can come in a few different colors
such as apricot, brindle, and golden brown. They are born guard dogs and are very smart,
even though they don’t bark much, they can attack or block anyone that gets too close. 6. Tibetan mastiff- They were initially bred
by nomadic cultures of Tibet China and Central Asia. The Tibetan mastiff is a large ancient breed,
with a thick dark coat. The name can be misleading though; it’s
not a mastiff. A better name for this kind of dog would be
Tibetan mountain dog. The males can reach 33 inches in height and
weigh between 100 and 160 pounds. They make great guardian dogs in Tibet and
are capable of confronting predators the size of leopards and wolves. 5. St. Bernard- They stand at an average height
of 27 to 35 inches tall and weigh from 141-200 pounds! Now that’s a massive pet to have. The St. Bernard is a truly gigantic kind of
dog. They were originally used for rescue operations
on the Alps. Their muscular bodies allow them to travel
through deep snow for miles. Without the right training the St. Bernard
can be destructive. On the other hand, a well trained St. Bernard
shows great patience and has a friendly personality. They are great with kids and can be quiet
indoor dogs. They love attention but aren’t very playful;
they should be walked daily to keep them in good physical condition. 4. Irish Wolfhound- The Irish Wolfhound is the
tallest one of Sighthounds breed. They can be 28-35 inches in height and between
116 to 185 pounds! Now that’s a big dog! They are native to Ireland and originally
served in hunting and war. They were mainly used as a wolf hunter. That’s also how its name originated. This giant-sized Irish hound has a long head
and nose. Their legs are very strong and long; it helps
the Irish hound dogs to gain speed while hunting on a prey. They mature very slowly; It takes more than
two years for them to mature. Their owners have to exercise and train them
daily. Their very intelligent, devoted, and patient. They don’t make good watch dogs because
they don’t bark very much and aren’t aggressive, but their size alone is enough to scare off
intruders. 3. Bully kutta- Also known as the Pakistani Mastiff,
this is a descendant of the extinct ancient dog breed that originally came from Pakistan. The Bully Kutta is usually white in color,
but brown and black are also common sometimes. These extra large dogs are normally 35 inches
tall and can weigh up to 210 pounds. They are easy to train and very friendly. 2. Great Dane- The great Dane has a great reputation
for its charming nature and for its height. Great Danes can be as tall as three feet or
taller. They weigh between 110 and 198 pounds. The Guinness Book of World records titled
a Great Dane named Zeus as the tallest dog in the world in 2012. Zeus measured at forty-four inches on all
four legs! The Great Dane was originally developed as
hunting dogs. Unlike other dog breeds, Great Danes grow
rapidly; this would explain their tall height and long legs. Great Dane puppies will reach full grown adult
height within the first year. Even though they are huge they are very gentle
and playful, so don’t let their size scare you away. They are sensitive and love being around a
family. They also work as therapy dogs because they
are so gentle, they normally only become aggressive if they need to be. If you plan on having one of these as a pet,
just remember they need lots of love and attention. 1. The great Pyrenees- This breed has an excellent
reputation for their beauty and protective nature. They have been great watch dogs since 3000
B.C to protect livestock. They are large but very gentle, and loyal
dogs. They have an average height of 30-39 inches
tall and weigh between 114-130 pounds. They have a broad chest and a wedge-shaped
head. Their ears are V-shaped and hang downwards. They also have a full tail and almond-shaped
eyes. The Great Pyrenees have a weather resistant
double coat. Their undercoat is dense, and the upper coat
is long and thick. The color of their hair can be white and different
shades of grey. They need to be trained very early when they
are puppies, without proper training this breed can become very aggressive. They need space and room to run and can’t
be considered an indoor pet. They also have a great sense of hearing and
can detect other animals and intruders easily. Their affectionate and loyal and make great
family pets with the right training.

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