18 SMALLEST Dog Breeds On Earth!

18 SMALLEST Dog Breeds On Earth!

Although they’re not very big, what these
dogs lack in size, they make up for in character. From Schipperkes to Yorkshire Terriers, here
are the eighteen smallest dog breeds on Earth: 18. Swedish Vallhund – This small herding dog
has a big personality. It has short legs and a long body, just like
its relative, the Corgi, and is built for sturdiness. It’s Viking origin means its rugged and
good in cold weather. The Swedish Vallhund is just under fourteen
inches tall full-grown and weighs between twenty and thirty-five pounds, so it does
perfectly fine in a normal-sized backyard. They are known for being upbeat, affectionate,
and spirited. They have short, but thick, fur that varies
in color. If you’re searching for a four-legged friend
that loves life, this breed should be on the top of your list. 17. Icelandic Sheepdog – This long-haired canine
was built for herding in cold weather. These dogs are known for their undying faithfulness
to their owners and are incomparably loyal. They stand up to eighteen inches tall and
weigh a maximum of thirty pounds. They have very fluffy coats and come in a
lot of colors, but always have some white areas. Icelandic Sheepdogs are beloved for their
happy expressions and consistently look like they’re in a good mood. If you want an uplifting companion, this peppy
pup could be the one for you. 16. Norrbottenspets – This dog is very tough and
extremely athletic. They were originally bred for hunting and
could take on animals as large as bears and moose. At only sixteen to eighteen inches in height
and weighing just twenty to thirty pounds, that is a huge feat! Norrbottenspets, or Nobs for short, have short
hair but also have an undercoat for warmth as they come from colder climates in Finland
and Sweden. Most of these dogs are white with spots of
other colors covering parts of their faces and ears, and sometimes their backs. Although these pups are courageous and daring,
they’re also level-headed and observant, so they make great family pets. 15. Schipperke – This small black dog is known
for its curiosity, attentiveness, and playful personality. Schipperkes cram a lot of uniqueness into
a small package. They are thirteen inches high at their tallest
and weigh ten to sixteen pounds. They have dense, but short, coats that only
come in black. Their ears stand straight up which is indicative
of their alertness and comes from their rodent-hunting origins. Schipperkes make great friends and will never
leave you disinterested. 14. Shih Tzu – This silky pooch is known worldwide
for its striking hairstyle. They have long straight locks and require
a lot of grooming, but their beautiful coats set them apart from other breeds. The Shih Tzu is only nine to ten inches tall
and weighs between nine and sixteen pounds. They are social butterflies and enjoy the
attention their unique looks draw. They love playing, crave affection, and are
known to be well-behaved around kids. They make great pets for small living areas
too, so if you’re in an apartment, this breed is one to consider. 13. English Toy Spaniel – There’s no hiding
that this dog is small since it has the word “toy” right in its name. They only stand about ten inches tall and
weigh up to just fourteen pounds. Also referred to as the King Charles Spaniel,
this little dog used to be a sidekick to kings in England. It has long ears that hang almost down to
its chest and luscious locks that can be one of four different color combinations. They can be completely red, black and beige,
white and red, or tan, black, and white. The different colors are also known as Ruby,
King Charles, Blenheim, and Prince Charles respectively. These ancestors of royalty aren’t always
amicable and can prove to be picky about who they like. However, if you’re on its nice list, the
English Toy Spaniel makes a fun-loving friend. 12. Brussels Griffon – Dog lovers often choose
this breed over others because of its large round eyes. It could also be due to its tiny, childlike
face, but there’s something in this pup’s longing stare that makes people want to take
it home. It also sports a signature silky beard which
many find irresistibly charming. Plus, the Brussels Griffon only tops the scales
at around fifteen pounds, making it easy to house in apartments or condos. Although they were originally bred for hunting
small rodents around stables, nowadays owners keep these little guys as house-pets. They don’t like being alone for long periods
of time, so if you’re in the market for a Brussels Griffon, be prepared to have your
puppy follow your every footstep. 11. Havanese – This cheerful, long-haired breed
is the national dog of Cuba and is the only one indigenous to the country. Havanese are pretty small, weighing thirteen
pounds at their heaviest and only standing up to eleven and a half inches tall. They have sleek lengthy coats that give them
their trademark appearance, and they sport a wide mix of colors. They strive to be in the spotlight at all
times, so they’re very comical and aren’t afraid to make new friends. As dogs that do well in almost any household,
Havanese is definitely a breed to consider when looking for a fuzzy new playmate. 10. Chinese Crested – These active and loving
dogs are known mostly for their interesting appearance. Some are without fur over most of their bodies,
with long patches only on their faces, ears, feet, and tails. Others are covered in a thin coat of long,
silky hair, with the same longer patches on their faces, and are referred to as “powderpuffs.” Either way, there’s no mistaking this small
pup for another breed. It’s also a great lapdog, reaching about
thirteen inches at its tallest and weighing eight to twelve pounds. They make terrific playmates and friends and
have proven loyal to their humans. Plus, since they don’t have much fur, they
make wonderful pets if you’re concerned about shedding! 9. Japanese Chin – Once upon a time, these tiny
short-nosed dogs were best buds with ancient Japanese royalty. They were bred purely for the purpose of friendship
as opposed to most others who were originally part of the working class. At only up to eleven pounds and eleven inches
high, Japanese Chins make perfect lap dogs. Plus, these silky pooches prefer to be inside. They’re very high-maintenance, which isn’t
surprising considering their noble roots, but they’re also elegant and don’t bark
very often. Chins have long fur that’s primarily white
with a secondary color of either black or red. They’re commonly compared to cats in how
they clean themselves and enjoy lounging off the ground. So if you’re looking for an independent
pocket-sized dog, a Japanese Chin may be the one for you. 8. Miniature Dachshund – Also known as the wiener-dog,
this breed has a very iconic image. It has short legs, only reaching a height
of six inches and a long sausage-like body. The Miniature Dachshund only gets to be eleven
pounds full-grown, so its loud bark can be deceiving. It is very brave and can be headstrong, but
is also friendly and inquisitive. They require daily walks to ensure muscle-growth
but prefer to be inside with their owners. So if you have a small house in a good neighborhood
for strolling around, this quirky dog would make a great fit for you. 7. Affenpinscher – Another member of the toy
group is the Affenpinscher. This dog only weighs up to ten pounds and
stands less than a foot tall. It is often called the “Monkey Terrier”
because of its strange primate-like face. This breed of dog puts on quite a show and
is known for its crazy antics. They are very playful and loyal, so they make
great family pets. However, they’re also known for being a
little stubborn, and they require a lot of attention and repetition when it comes to
training. Affens come in all kinds of colors but often
have black fur that is dense and shaggy, and beards similar to their descendants, Brussels
Griffons. Even though their coats are long, they’re
said not to shed much, which is perfect for keeping a tidy home. 6. Papillon – Considering that this breed’s
name is the French word for “butterfly,” it shouldn’t be a surprise that its ears
are very large in comparison to its overall size. This Dumbo of the dog world only gets to be
eleven inches tall and weighs five to ten pounds. These fuzzy pups are known for their unique
looks, agility, and cheery personalities. Their coats come in all different colors with
white as the primary. Although they’re small, Papillons are very
versatile and can easily adapt to living in various conditions. They’re also quick learners and are able
to pick up all kinds of neat tricks. So if you’re in the market for a dog with
a lot of charisma in a tiny package, a Papillon could make a great addition to your family! 5. Bolognese – This breed is small, stout, and
most importantly, fluffy. If you’re looking for a laid-back companion,
a Bolognese is the dog for you. It has a very nonchalant attitude and prefers
lounging about with its owner by its side. This little furry pup gets sad if it’s by
itself for too long, so if you have a busy schedule, you may want to look into different
breeds. However, if you have a lot of spare time,
Bolos are a great option because they don’t require much play room. At its tallest, it is only twelve inches and
weighs less than ten pounds. Just keep in mind, that you’ll probably
need to give it a lot of baths because these four-legged friends have pure white fur. 4. Yorkshire Terrier – These silky smooth canines
are instantly recognizable from their lengthy super-straight hair. The Yorkshire Terrier’s coat hangs down
to the floor and is a shiny tan and grey. At only seven to eight inches in height and
weighing just seven pounds, they’re tiny but get a ton of attention. They look fragile, but these petite pups are
known for their high energy levels and spunky attitudes. They make great friends, and they’re hypoallergenic. So, if you want a dog but usually can’t
be around them without Benadryl handy, a Yorkie would make a perfect match for you! 3. Pomeranian – These popular dogs are known
for their adorable appearance and playful personalities. They’re very fluffy, which gives them their
signature look, and also minuscule. The Pomeranian only grows six or seven inches
in height and weighs just three to seven pounds. Poms’ coats come in many different colors
ranging from black to white and everything in between. These fuzzy pups make great pets for urban
or suburban life since they’re so small and don’t require a tremendous amount of
exercise. So, if you’re searching for a loving companion,
a Pomeranian could be the cute friend for you. 2. Russian Toy – These slight dogs make wonderful
pets if you’re looking for a very loving and loyal friend. The Russian Toy isn’t very temperamental
and generally just wants companionship from its owner. They like to play but don’t require much
exercise as they’re also happy lounging around with their human counterparts. Russian Toys are great dogs for smaller houses
because they only stand eight to eleven inches in height and weigh about six and a half pounds. These pups have mostly short coats with patches
of long hair on their already-large ears, giving them a very unusual image. Their long slender legs add to their curious
appearance. Their silky coats come in four variations
of color including tan with black, blue, or brown, and red. If you have a lot of time to spend with your
furry friend, a Russian Toy is the pooch for you. 1. Chihuahua – Although most of these dogs don’t
have a Taco Bell meal to offer up, they do have tons of charisma for such small animals. There is a large variety of Chihuahua colors
and hair types. They can be beige, white, black, or a mixture
of all three, and they may have long or short hair that’s curly or straight. This breed is very popular because of its
large ears, small head, and big eyes, a look a lot of people want in a new pet. Plus, the Chihuahua only reaches up to six
pounds and is well under a foot tall full-grown, so they’re great for toting around in cute
carriers. Just remember, even though this dog is tiny
it requires strict guidance. Make sure you train it well, or it will think
it’s the leader of the pack!

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