13 Ways to Show Cats Love In Their Language

13 Ways to Show Cats Love In Their Language

Having a cat is awesome, and sometimes you
just want them to know how much you love them. Luckily, there are tons of ways you can express
your affection in their language, like, of course…. #1: Playing games
Cats spend most of their time waiting for you to get back from work or school, so it’s
only natural that they crave your attention and time once you walk through the door. You can snuggle together, talk to them, or
choose the activity your cat likes best: playing games! Pick something that your kitty can’t get
enough of, whether it’s a laser pointer they can chase or a toy with a special smell. Of course, you can always try something new
and play a game of hide-and-seek together! Most cats get bored easily too, so it won’t
take that much of your time. But your cat will certainly feel the love
and look forward to your next playing sesh together! #2: Sleeping together
Cats are highly independent and fierce creatures, so they’ll never put themselves in a vulnerable
position if they don’t trust a person. And when are you more vulnerable than in your
sleep, right? If your cat always curls up next to you, this
means that it sees you as a protector and someone it can trust its life with. So next time you’re about to watch some TV
or take a nap, lie down next to your kitty to show that you trust and love it too! #3: Training
No, learning tricks isn’t just for the dogs! Cats are exceptionally trainable too, and
training your cat is a great way to show affection as well as strengthen your bond together. What’s even better, they love a good mentally
stimulating task! Teaching your cat to do different commands
and tricks will give it new interesting challenges, and those little tasty rewards will make your
feline friend see you as a caring provider. Just make sure to start with simple commands,
be patient, and never punish your kitty for not catching on. #4: Turning the faucet on
Believe it or not, your spoiled little fluff ball is still mostly driven by those natural
instincts that helped its ancestors survive in the wild. “Ok, but what does this have to do with
leaving the faucet on?” Well, the thing is, cats subconsciously view
running water as the best kind of water because it’s considered the safest option in the wild. That’s why your cat looks so happy when it
drinks water from the faucet and doesn’t seem too excited when you pour it into a bowl. Turning on the faucet and letting your cat
drink from it shows that you understand and respect your kitty’s innate needs and wishes. Plus, some cats just like playing in the water! #5: Slow blinking
Cats are just like people in a lot of ways – whenever they’re with someone they love,
they let their guard down. And when cats feel relaxed and at peace, they
start to blink way slower to let you know that it’s all thanks to you. So if you wanna show them that you feel the
same way, start blinking slower too! Trust me, your cat will instantly get the
message! However, if you notice that your cat keeps
squinting just one eye at you, it’s definitely not a sign of affection but of a possible
eye infection. The best way you can show your love in this
case is to get your pet to the vet ASAP! #6: Nose-to-tail rubs
Ever wondered why your cat often rubs itself on your leg from nose to tail? Hey, they’re simply claiming you as their
personal property! You see, cats release special pheromones from
glands in their cheeks and rub this scent on you to mark you. So, giving your cat a couple of nose-to-tail
rubs sends the same message, that you see them as all yours too! #7: Holding hands
Cats are natural hunters with incredibly sharp tactile senses. That is, they love to touch, hold, and grab
things. That’s also why they really like it when
you pet them! But if you really wanna strengthen that bond
even more, try to hold your cat’s paw from time to time when you cuddle together. This is the ultimate sign of support, love,
and affection that your cat will easily understand. Sometimes cats make the first move by putting
their paws on your hands, so definitely don’t miss your chance to respond accordingly! #8: Head bumping
If you have a couple of cats or you just love watching cat videos on YouTube, you’ve probably
seen cats bumping heads against one another. This is their universal sign for trust and
respect. And, again, it’s a way for them to mark
what is theirs when it comes to their trusted circle of human or fellow animal friends. And if you do the same, your kitty will definitely
appreciate it. Also, if a cat bumps its head against you
and then tucks it down or turns it to the other side, it simply wants your attention. If the food or water bowl and litterbox look
ok, then perhaps it’s playtime again? #9: Leaning in
You ever tried to hug your kitty just for it to run away from your loving arms? Hey, don’t take it personally! Hugging just isn’t how cats show affection
– it’s a human thing. As for cats, they see it as aggressive, kinda
like a predator snatching them up. The cat equivalent to a hug is leaning in. But never initiate it first! Instead, next time your cat presses against
you as you’re watching TV or something, press a tiny bit of your weight back into them. Just be careful – you wanna show Whiskers
the power of your love, not crush him with it! #10: Saying your cat’s name
You know how psychologists say that we trust people who say our name more? Well, the same goes for cats too! Make it a habit to greet your cat by name
every time you come home, even if it doesn’t come to the door. This will make it feel acknowledged, important,
and loved. This trick also works wonders when you need
to explain to your cat that it did something bad. Your furry friend will listen way more carefully
if you refer to it by name. Hey, kinda like your mom did when you got
in trouble as a kid, right? #11: Voice mimicking
Experts claim that a cat’s meows and purrs are way more diverse than we think and can
mean completely different things depending on their tone and pitch. So, one meow can mean “Come closer,” while
another that sounds almost the same might translate as “Go away!” However, there’s still something you can do
whenever your kitty starts “talking” to you (especially if it’s in distress) – respond
right back with something of the same tone and pitch. Or even better, sing to them! This will calm your cat down and make it feel
like you genuinely want to communicate with it. Speaking of which… #12: Learning your cat’s language
Even though cat experts do their best to figure out everything they can about cat communication,
every feline is different. And the earlier you understand how your cat
expresses its emotions through body language and meows, the stronger your connection will
be. When we love someone, we wanna know everything
about them and dig deeper into their personality, right? Well, your kitty deserves the same attention
and effort. So spend time with your cat, try to find patterns
in its communication, and your bond will be unbreakable! #13: Letting it be
Cats really value their independence and often need to spend some time alone. So if your cat isn’t that playful and rarely
comes to you for cuddles and kisses, don’t try to force it. Just let it be! Your cat is just an introvert who wants to
protect its personal space. When your kitty wants some affection, it’ll
come to you for back rubs, petting, and games. Once your furry friend will know for sure
that you understand its introverted ways and respect its space, it’ll fall in love with
you even more! If you know any other ways to show love and
affection to a cat, leave them in the comments below! Don’t forget to give this video a “like,”
share it with your friends, and click “subscribe” to stay on the Bright Side of life!

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