13 RARE Cat Breeds In The WORLD!

Wanna hear a cat joke? just kitten. This is 13 Rare Cat Breeds in the world! number 13 Scottish Fold-
This rare and adorable breed of domestic cat received their name in the 1960s, and to your
ultimate surprise, from Scotland. The Scottish Fold is known to love mice cream
on any hot day. The word Fold can be related to their ears
that fold over their tiny little heads, very much like a rabbit. This is stemmed from a specific gene that
gives their ears extra flexibility above the normal. They can also be recognized as Highland Fold,
Scottish Longhair, Coupar and about 3 other names to the list. Besides the name identity crisis, they can
be recognized as the favorited feline in the movie Shrek, as Puss in Boots, or depending
on your state of mind, the mysterious Cheshire Cat from the well known Alice in Wonderland,
may be more familiar. They can reach anywhere from 10 to 22 lbs
as males, with females around 6 to 15 lbs in size. They can have both long and short coats. This more than loving cat breed will grant
positive energy through to your family and friends. Like my great friend Kenny Rogers once said,
“know when to hold ’em. Know when to Scottish Fold ’em.” number 12 Devon Rex
The Devon Rex is an amazing cat breed, sprouting from England around the 1950s. They present stunning elongated ears, and
features that set this feline apart from the normal, which its intelligence above most. The Rex has a great presence around friends
and great with kids. They tend to carry themselves as part of the
family, showing gentle love and care towards people in general. The Devon Rex has been known to have the ability
to learn tricks, and be quite the interactive little kitty. Some Devons can even learn how to play catch
just like a dog. The Devon is coated with a marvelous wave
of luxurious hair only found in the Rex breed. Now that is a rare coat of kitty. number 11 Kurilian Bobtail
This amazing Bobtail kitty was originated in the wondrous Kuril Islands and Kamchatka
peninsula. They are beyond intelligent, and show a more
common cat like Independence in there soul. This ancient breed has been found living in
Europe, with popularity in Russia. They are found to be more scarce in the U.S,
creating a rarity in the Bob kitties. The Japanese bobtail has close resemblance,
but with more slim features and smaller head. Unlike most rumors of cats staying clear of
water, this Bobtail has no issues splashing away into the sea. Their precise hunting strategies will create
high chances of a fish fillet for dinner once returned. yummay. number 10 Norwegian forest cat
The mythical domestic Norwegian Forest cat can be found prowling around the beautiful
lands of Northern Europe. This natural breed of cat is easily adapted
to a variety of climates, especially a colder climate due to their lush coat containing
warmth across their body. The exact whereabouts of their origination
is quite unknown to this day, its ancestors, the short hair from Great Britain, were brought
to breed with the longer hair representing the Crusaders. They can survive for over 10 to 16 years,
with endless memories to cherish and learn from on every day. They are a perfect family pet delivering balanced
energy to your home. Pleasing guests with company will be no problem
for this loving Forest kitty, having a more friendly approach towards strangers. number 9 Cornish Rex
A Cornish Rex is another domestic kit kat, coated in a close to Mr T like hair. The slight wave throughout
the Cornish Rex fur is slightly different from the previously mentioned Devon Rex. Their strain of hairs are no longer then 1
centimeter. The potential of loosing all of their hair
is a lot more common in this breed. I know, i know, your wondering how the Rex
keeps warm during the winter. Well, they dont. The Corn cat is best raised happy and healthy,
indoors. They are prone to getting ill through out
cold weather, this is very important to keep aware of that when adopting this gentle breed. The Cornish will be another breed straight
from Great Britain. Did you know the Cornish Rex’s favorite treats
are mice krispies? number 8 Tonkinese
This beautiful domestic cross breed is a wondrous mix of Burmese and Siamese kitty. They are known to be extermly active and playful
when around children. The Tonkinese is not too small, nor too large,
but just about perfect size. They have been dated to have roamed the world
since the 14th century. Just like most cats with a variety of coats,
they can be seen wearing short to medium length hair. This is another breed that has adapted dog
like abilities, catching balls thrown to them, retrieving with ease. They may look small, but surprisingly can
reach over 10 pounds. Now thats what I call dens-kitty! number 7 Singapura
The Singapura has a reputation for being the smallest feline domestic breed. They can reach a smaller weight ranging from
3 to 8 pounds. These mini kit kats have abilities to jump
higher then you would expect, bursting with energy, leaping from ceiling fans to your
head, well, more like a table or shelving realistically. They are another friendly feline breed, spreading
love and laughter with their small body, big heart persona. The Singapura will love you to infinity and
beyond by raising them indoors away from danger. If you ever have a disagreement with your
Singapura, expect them to be the first to hiss and makeup. number 6 Korat
The Korat is know for their deep, ocean grey, short hair coat with a smokey iron flake undertone. This feline is another great companion to
raise and learn with. They have been becoming more common as the
years go by and demand for such an amazing breed rises. The Korat were known to be only gifts, not
sold, in respects to their breed. They present great luck to the individual
lucky enough to grace their self with the Korat. This breed will represent their cat like dominance,
becoming king or queen, of your Kastle, once comfortable. number 5 The Sphynx
The famous Sphynx is commonly recognized for its max level Mr T expressions. This hairless cat was a creation through breeding
in the 1960s. They can age over 10 to 16 years of age, with
an average life span. Like any cat with no coat for protection,
any owner will need to understand the complete attention and affection required to maintain
a purrrfectly happy kitty. This breed can show exaggerated expressions
without the common large amounts of fur covering their body. The Sphynx has a dog like persona when interacting
with their owners, and even strangers. They show extreme levels of curiosity in almost
anything, always. They require extra snuggles and love, opening
every inch of their tiny hearts to their owners. These are one of the most fascinating exotic
companions you can grow with. number 4 Turkish Angora
The wondrous Turkish Angora is of ancient beginnings. They are Known to have originated in Turkey,
where the native people cherished the loving Angora, creating an entire program around
breeding and ensuring their survival. Their eye colors can range from a beautiful
clear sky blue to a deep gold desert haze. The Turkish Angora has hidden strengths behind
those kitten eyes, with a strong inner core, creating a fierce putty tat. Their silky smooth coat will require a weekly
brush maintenance, to achieve max levels of happiness for your loving Turkish Angora. This breed has great awareness of its surroundings
and family, and shows extreme intelligence. They love the indoors, so dont leave your
Turkish outside, as it could lead to a cat-tastrophy. number 3 Napoleon
This top level of cute kitty was name after the French Emperor, who lived in the 1800s. The Napoleon is a perfect cross breed of the
adorable Munchkin and exotic Persian cat. They are known to be one of the more rare
feline breeds. They carry beautiful large marble like eyes,
and have a smaller body frame to give them a special shorter look. The love for family and friends comes unconditional
with the famous Napoleon, and will adore a great cuddle buddy. The Napoleon can have short and long hair,
giving them an all around seasonal protection. It would come to no surprise to the average
owner, that their Napoleon kittys favorite color, will be purrrple. number 2 Egyptian Mau
This exotic feline has earned its reputation as the fastest putty tat of the west. Their speeds are fast as light, kinda, With
speeds reaching over 30 miles per hour. The Egyptian Mau has a medium size to its
body, and can reach weights close to 10 pounds. They are extremely passionate and caring for
their family. The Mau has intelligence comparable to Einstein,
with the ability to get into closets and eventually through doors. They love to be indoors, as it will keep them
away from any danger from the cruel cruel world. The Mau can have coats in many colors, from
a deep space black, to a light grace of silver, or even a midnight dark berry blue to your
casual dust storm brown. The Egyptian Mau was also heard to have been
a breed rescued by an italian princess, who fell in love with the Egyptian feline, which
leaves some ancient cat theorists to believe the Egyptian Mau may be more of an Italian
than we thought. 1 catwomen
Or should I say, Selina Kyle, or is it Holly Robinson? The Cat breed with many alias names, Catwomen
is the rarest of them all, the head pancha of putty tat. She has only been known to be female as far
as we have known, and has special powers and abilities past your usual feline kitty. Theres rumor of her and the well known Bruce
Wayne to have had hidden meetings on occasion, but thats all speculation. If that were to be true, it could show conflict
in interest in Gothem city, as Catwomen has been linked to crimes and burglaries, while
Bruce, aka Batman, protects the city from such evil. this beautiful breed can reach
heights over 5 feet, and a weigh as light as, well, lets skip the weight part. Catwomen represents the power of the feline
breeds, with dominance and intelligence far past most humans today. She has known to have a soft and delicate
coat, protected with a beautiful black coat of lycra and elastane, combined with a large
amount of polyurethane polymer, aka, spandex. This can create a perfect awakening to the
dimensions of the Catwomen breeds body structure, with no hair to be found, much like our previously
mentioned cat, the sphynx. Try telling catwomen a good joke, as her favorite
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