10 World’s Weirdest and Rarest Dog Breeds Ever!

dogs are amazing there’s no denying it
if you’re not a dog person then what are you even doing here from the huge
Tibetan Mastiff to the tuneful New Guinea singing dog we’re counting down
the top 10 weirdest dog breeds ever number 10 the Mexican hairless dog this
type of dogs official name is the Zolo it’s currently or Zolo for short
the modern Zolo appears to be a result of a mixture of the Aboriginal
pre-columbian Zolo itself a descendant of a domesticated dog that came with the
ancestors of indigenous Americans from Asia with one or more southern European
herding dog breeds during the Columbian Exchange it is an absolutely beautiful
dog usually with a hairless greyish black coat this dog was very important
in Aztec and Mayan culture and archaeological evidence of them have
been found in tombs dating back 3500 years they are well regarded as
guardians and protectors and the indigenous people believed the dog would
guard their home from intruders and evil spirits alike Christopher Columbus
actually wrote of the presence of a strange hairless dog when he arrived at
a Caribbean in 1492 in modern-day they are quite a rare breed and are often the
subject of paintings by the artist Frida Kahlo due to their refined appearance
and slender form number 9 the New Guinea singing dog this dog is native to of
course the New Guinea Highlands and some claim it to be a wild dog little is
known about the breed however it got its name through its unique vocalization
which is characterized by a sharp increase in pitch at the start and very
high frequencies at the end of its bark the dogs also sometimes engage in chorus
howling not unlike a pack of wolves also when
kept with other dogs that barked the New Guinea singing dog will actually attempt
to mimic the other dog bark the New Guinea singing dog is known to have an
OK relationship with humans but unfortunately its species is considered
slightly vulnerable in terms of extinction so if you ever see a
yellowish dog belting out some Adele in New Guinea it’s most likely that it will
be this dog number 8 burger mask Oh Shepherd dog take a look at this fluffy
ball of wonder you may have seen this dog around as they are highly
recognizable looking like they’re sporting a wealth of dreadlocks the
burger mask Oh Shepherds coat is caused by a layer of fine hair mixing with an
oily undercoat and long harsher hairs they all clump together to form what
look like dreadlocks thick locks of hair they are a very domesticated dog meaning
that they are friendly and fine around humans it gets its name from originating
near the Italian Alps in a place called Bergamo and was originally used as a
herding dog if I was a sheep and I saw this big ball of locked bounding towards
me I’m pretty sure I’d be quite confused they make excellent companions just make
sure that their flocks of hair don’t brush against the ground too much though
as they could get very very dirty number 7 the Tibetan Mastiff the Tibetan
Mastiff originated from nomadic cultures such as those in Tibet China Mongolia
and Nepal originally used to protect sheep from wolves lions and other
animals that may want the Sheep to be its prey admittedly if I was a wolf I’d
be scared out of my wits seeing this dog it’s absolutely huge
it’s mostly known for its solemn but kind expression and of course it’s
amazing silky coat that doesn’t often contract that big dogs smell that can
sometimes put people off it is an excellent Guardian dog often
standing Stockstill and looking like it’s in its own little world but it is
reported to be quite hard to get the dog to understand obedience or any other
organized activity as it is highly independent be careful if you’re looking
to make friends with one of them as when they get on their hind legs to give you
a hug they may be slightly bigger than you number 6 the cat albarran the cat
harborin is bred from a Turkish pointer but with one major difference it has a
very distinct double nose its name comes from the Turkish for fork which is
cattle and Boran which means nose unfortunately the dog was mainly used
for hunting as it was believed that it’s unusual nasal feature allowed the dog to
have a better sensitivity towards certain smells but it has been
discovered that this is not true and it’s for nose offers no superiority in
hunting to a normal Turkish pointer the fork nose has begun to be seen as a
slightly negative trait of the dog as it can lead to a cleft palate but that
doesn’t mean that these dogs aren’t super cute if you ever see one take
extra good care of it as they’re not treated very nicely at all number 5 the
Brussels Griffon the tiny Brussels Griffon is a toy breed that comes in a
smooth or rough coat but trimmed in a certain way the mighty pup can resemble
a small lion or sometimes a tiny little monkey the dog has a short muzzle with a
nose that is usually higher set between his eyes which are large and friendly
the AKC calls these spunky dogs Velcro with four legs because they love to
cling to their owners at all times they are incredibly needy and this might be
due to the fact that they are very very small that doesn’t mean they don’t have
a lot of energy though they’re friendly easily trained and usually get along
well with children and other dogs they just don’t tolerate being alone very
well number four sama yet these dogs are an
absolute wonder to behold with spotless fluffy white coats and jet-black noses
they can really stand out wherever they may be
it takes its name from the samoyedic people of Siberia these reindeer herders
bred the fluffy white dogs to help with the herding and to pull sleds when they
moved which seems a bit silly considering that they are the whitest
dogs around would they not get lost in the snow samer heads are too friendly to
be seen as good guard dogs but they are very good watchdogs barking at nearly
everyone that passes number three the Chinese Crested dog these dogs literally
look like they have a thick head of hair it is believed that they have evolved
from African hairless dogs the Chinese Crested dogs are considered very
cat-like in personality you will find the mostly lounging around in high areas
even though they can be a very active breed a genetically recessive version
can be found which has hair all over its body but the most common type of Chinese
Crested dog has a tuft of hair which is usually white on the very top of its
head number two Moody
a herding breed from Hungary the muddy is said to have been bred from Puli and
German Spitz breeds with maybe a few other herding breeds thrown in for good
measure according to the Moody Club of America
someone described the dog as a mix between a poodle and a German Shepherd
in both looks and temperament the moody’s coat is distinctively curly and
comes in a rainbow of colors including a striking mole coat the breed is rare in
the United States and is considered active intelligent and immensely
trainable number one common door very similar to the Berger Moscow Shepherd
dog in looks the common door is characterized by imposing strength
dignity courageous demeanor and pleasing conformation its coat is basically the
same as the Berger mask but this one has a dull white color
where the other had dark flocks of hair it takes a lot of work to keep the
common doors coat in good shape if not cared for regularly the dogs white coat
can look grimy and dull the Komondor Club of America said this the best way
to keep a common door clean is to never allow it to get dirty we can assume that
this is easier said than done as this dog is extremely playful so there you
have it weird cute and wonderful little doggies the
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