10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World!

10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World!

Kitties are amazing! They are lovely to cuddle up to after a long
day, and they can sometimes, pretty much look after themselves a lot of the time! But these breeds might take a little more
work, here are 10 of the most expensive cat breeds! 10 British Shorthair This amazing looking kitty starts off our
list. With a characteristic chunky body and a wide,
broad face. The British Shorthair is an amazing looking
cat, and with a relatively calm temperament and a playful nature, it’s no wonder they
are so sought after. Supposedly the British Shorthair is one of
the most ancient breeds of cats known, most likely dating all the way back to the 1st
century AD. And it is thought to have been brought to
Great Britain from Egypt by the Romans surprisingly! This compact, cute little kitty can run you
around $1000. But cat breeders are hoping that you won’t
be able to say no to that little face! 9 American Curl This breed of kitty was created as the result
of a deformation, originating in Lakewood, California. Does the name confuse you? Well most people will probably get why it’s
called that after taking one look at the cat. It earns name through its unusual ears, that
curl upwards towards the back of the skull. Surprisingly enough, these kitties are actually
born with straight ears, and they curl within the first two days of the animals life. They enjoy spending time with their owners
and and require very little grooming. It is still a relatively uncommon breed, but
you will spot them in the US and around Europe mostly. This cat’s curls will run you anywhere from
$900-1300 depending on the individual cat. That’s a lot to pay, but at the end of the
day, you’re paying for a pretty rare kitty! 8 American Wirehair Another one that originates from the old US
of A. This cat originated in upstate New York and was actually ranked one of the most rare
breed of cats by the Cat Fanciers’ Association. The deformation of these cats occurred among
a litter of five barn cats in 1966. The cat that started the deformation cost
its owner $50, which is a fair amount away from how much one of those cats will cost
you now. Getting one of these cats now will probably
run you up about $1000 to 1200. To get an idea of what the texture of the
cat’s fur is like, it is similar wiry fur to that of a terrier. A strange texture for a cat, but it makes
this kitty extra special. 7 Ragdoll The Ragdoll breed of cat is a distinct type
with blue eyes and distinct colourpoint coat. The coat of this cat is so lovely that it
requires constant grooming to ensure that it is silky and smooth. A lot of people refer to this cat as a ‘dog-like
cat’ due to its behaviour; it is very comfortable with being handled and fairly aggressive to
other animals around it. But overall, it is known as an affectionate,
docile and calm kitty. It originated in the USA, and a pair of breeding
cats were exported to the UK. The origin of this cat breeds name is actually
due to its tendency to go limp when picked up. This particular breed can set you back around
$1300. 6 Siberian Forest Cat This is one magical looking cat, with an amazingly
interesting name. Supposedly it is believed to be ancestrally
linked to most long haired cats of today. The kitty was mentioned for the first time
in 1871 in a book by Harrison Weir, this breed of cat was first seen in the United States
around 1990, is known to be a pretty athletic jumping breed, and is a strong and powerfully
built type of cat, that usually ranges in size from medium to large. This particular variety of cat can be seen
in drawings and paintings from Russia, dating back hundreds of years. These kitties are pricey, ranging from $1300-1600! Pretty steep! 5 Russian Blue Very, very similar to British shorthair breeds,
this cat has almost hypnotic good looks, and its dark bluish coat is often counterpointed
by bright, vibrant eyes of yellow or green hue. The cat obviously originated from Russia,
and was first spotted outside of Russia in Crystal Palace in England. The breed developed mostly following the Second
World War. Russian Blues have a life expectancy of around
10-20 years, some living up to around 25 years. These cats can cost as little as $500 from
the right breeder, but they can also cost up to $3000! Check the person who is selling the Russian
Blue before you buy! 4 Peterbald This is one of those breeds of cat that are
actually born hairless. The breed came about in 1994 in St Petersburgthe
result of an experimental mating of a Don Hairless (also known as Don Sphynx, Donskoy
or Donsky) male named Afinogen Myth and an Oriental Shorthair female World Champion named
Radma von Jagerhov, by Russian felinologist Olga S. Mironova. They come in most colours and also a range
of markings too. Obviously due to their hairlessness, they
have narrow and long heads and necks. This cat is priced at around $2400! If you like hairless cats that might be justified! 3 Persian This breed of cat is almost instantly recognisable,
due to its squished up features and the comical expression that often appears on its face. It has a very round face and short muzzle,
it first appeared outside of its origin location at the worlds first organised cat show, in
London in the year 1871. Unfortunately there is a kidney disease that
is very prevalent in the breed, affecting half of the population. In 2015, this kitty was ranked as the 2nd
most popular breed by the Cat Fanciers’ Association. This breed of cat can cost up to $3000! Lot of money for a smooshy little faced cat. 2 Bengal This type of cat is very eye-catching due
to its size and its rare coat. The breed of cat originated due to a hybridisation
of an Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat. The cat is so special because its coat has
gradually come to resemble leopards and ocelot’s. The coat is usually a light brown, that borders
on an orange. Bengals are known for being big fans of water,
and they will cost you from $1500 – 5000! 1 Savannah The number one most expensive cat breed is
known as Savannah! And we can see why its so expensive and such
a rare breed. This cat is a cross between an African Serval
and a domestic cat. The cats are known to be very loyal, and are
incredibly good jumpers! But… are you ready for this? It’ll cost you anywhere between $10-20,000
dollars. I mean, we can see why, but 20,000 dollars
is a lot to ask from someone for a furry, feline friend! And there we have it, so many beautiful little
kitties, so many rare breeds. Don’t forget to like the video, share it
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