10 INSANE Pet Toys & Gadgets You Must Have

welcome to TTL in this video we are
going to see 10 gadgets you must have for your pets swift paws if your pet is
having issues with movements you don’t need to worry anymore because swift paws
is both effective and easy to install this adjustable device can be installed
even in small areas and its components include flags on strong threads and a
pulling device with a total length of the device reaching up to 61 meters the use of swift pause has been shown to
greatly assist in the expenditure of energy for overly active pets as well as
in the conservation of energy for pet owners themselves as the device can be
remotely controlled you can have this amazing device for prices starting from
$250 kaien at some points in our lives we
have all wanted to know what our pets were thinking well the kion is a
revolutionary device that just make rant that wish it consists of a nine axis
accelerometer which determines if your pet is getting enough exercise and when
it needs to rest temperature sensors that can help determine if your pet is
functioning at an optimal temperature and a unique algorithm to analyze this
information and display them on a kion collar with the use of embedded LEDs on
a color the kion collar also comes with a GPS tracker with which you can track
your pet in the event that they go miss and then display your contact
information so that they can be returned to you the Puritan it is a little known fact
that cats are very particular about what and where they drink on one hand this
ensures that they avoid a lot of diseases which they would have otherwise
contracted but on the other hand it makes them particularly prone to
dehydration the pure fountain provides a solution to this problem as it comes
with a special drinker designed to help catch drink with convenience without
getting their whiskers wet it’s equipped with a carbon filter which
cleans the water and keeps it fresh as well as special sensors which can detect
animal breathing and turns on lights to better help them drink the pure fountain
can be connected to your mobile device which can then be used to regulate the
amounts of water your pets drink and consequently their hydro weight cleaning
and water change are extremely convenient and this device is rather
cost effective at about one hundred twenty nine dollars old scoop free litter box I’m quite sure
that if we could hear cats talk their thoughts would mostly revolve around why
humans seem to be continually interested in harvesting their droppings as well as
speculation about the possible nefarious things we use them for the scoop free
litter box must come as such a relief to both cats and humans alike as we no
longer have to manually clean litter boxes and cats no longer have to worry
about what we are doing with their poo it is a self-cleaning litter box with
disposable trays using a motorized rate and the swept up waste is automatically
channeled into a hidden trap which ensures that the litter box is clean at
all times motor control is ensured by a special crystal litter that has been
touted to be up to five times as effective as clay litter waste disposal
is as easy as pulling out and covering the tray easy clean and above all
totally not suspicious pet chats pet chats is a new innovation
that lets you interact with your pet even when you were far away this
exciting device comes with a low light capable HD camera a video screen a
speaker and a microphone all connected to your home Wi-Fi once you’ve trained your pet to respond
to the special ringtone you can video chats with your pet anytime you like you
can also make use of the pet chats handy dispensing system to give treats and
release calming sense into the room making sure that your presence is felt
even when you are away Pet chats ensures that the bond between you and your pet
wax is even stronger no matter the distance petsafe drink well the petsafe drink
while supplies pets with freshly aerated drinking water with no mess and no delay
it comes in three different sizes the cost of each model varying from 35 to
$75 with varieties for cats and dogs the pet safe drink well is handy convenient
and easy to install making it the preference of cats and dogs alike dobo
the go bone was designed to take care of the problem of your dog always wanting
to leave with you when you set out for work this device helps by constantly
interacting with your dog when you are away preventing them from feeling lonely
or sad it works by moving itself around the floor by itself
providing stimulus and satisfying your dog’s natural desire to pursue prey it’s innovative software personalizes
its movements for your pet based on its age weight breed and ply style the go
bone can also be used in the event of poor weather conditions or cramped
living conditions providing pets with much-needed physical activity even when
conditions are imperfect poopy cat pets place poopy cat pets
place plays on a cat’s love for boxes and climbed to create what may be the
most exciting cat toy in existence this device is easy to assemble and install
and can further be arranged in such a manner as to make use of very limited
space puppycat pets play stimulates both
mental and physical activity and is spacious enough to comfortably contain
several cats at once the material is light but after assembly the structure
is strong and easily holds the weight of an adult animal while a variety of
design templates make sure that this toy palace is never boring Wolffe washer 360 dogs and baths have a
notoriously rocky relationship it is an entity that has been theorized to go
back to the times where dogs were wolves and resented the cold sting of wetness
on their fur well bath times with you and your dog
are no longer events to be dread as the wolf washer 360 makes it a fun and
rewarding experience aside from making it fun the wolf washer
is efficient and adjustable and can wash any dog no matter the size all you need
to do is attach the wolf washer to your outdoor hose add your preferred cleaner
and turn on the soap is mixed into the water and is sprayed from multiple
points around the wolf washer ensuring that your dog receives a Farrow
all-round wash ticker the ticker is a device that was designed to keep your
pet in motion it consists of a hollow device with a space for your dog’s
favorite treats this hollow toy also encourages learning by rewarding your
dog’s playful efforts with treats and the ticker is made with rubber to
prevent any harm to your dog’s teeth the ticker could be yours for prices
starting from $40 there you have it folks a list of the 10
most insane pet gadgets from all over the world which of these gadgets did you
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