고양이 안투명벽 챌린지 ㅣ Do You Wanna Know What This Cat’s Doing?

고양이 안투명벽 챌린지 ㅣ Do You Wanna Know What This Cat’s Doing?

Cats of a family with many cats Owner : Here’s our Ari PD : Henlo~ Henlo! Kkami Gapdol Kong / Gapsoon And Lulu Today’s main character must be her PD : Does she stay on top of the closet all day? Owner : Yes, she never comes down Heave-ho I’m Lulu Cautious cautious Good? Miss Lulu lives on top of the closet alone Because Owner : Kong next to me and Gapsoon who’s inside over there tease her the most Ah, mom Lovey-dovey that was tmi Faking for lyfe Mom’s not here? Head Head Hand Hand Always Gapsoon first and then Kong (Fucc) Run away Lulu.. is not here? Lulu.. is here^^ Savage vibes Yo!! Run Run away man Owner : It’s all right.. Never leaves the wire fence The one guards here and the other one watches out from there Two Kitty-security camera (Kong) / (Gapsoon) Monitoring all the time We’re not sleeping Damn Lulu
Damn kitty I felt bad after knowing that Lulu was going to be abandoned Thinking it’d be okay to embrace her, I brought her home as the other cats are nice and gentle But I’m worried If my decision has made her situation worse ;( Mom is sad Sigh, Kong please You won’t feel good about acting like this Kong is a good boi, right? Night falls down Truth, please raise your head Head Head Jump When everyone’s asleep Kong approaches Lulu Wait, are you not sleeping to tease her ㅡㅡ Lulu Are you okay? …Huh?
Sunday Morning TV Animal Farm

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  1. 머리 머리 손 손ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 귀여웡

  2. This cat is so mean….😾 poor Lulu 😥😥😥

  3. 까미미친 너무이쁘군

  4. 방문을 달면 더 편하게 있을것같은데…

  5. Блямба прода где?

  6. 아 여기서 끝나면 어떡해요~~~!!!
    빨리 다음편 주세요 방송국넘들아!

  7. El otro gato la molesta por eso sube al armario debería poner solución señora sino acabarán mal y no me gusta ni a mí solución ya rápido y no lo tome con calma😱😱

  8. poor cat (Lulu) I feel so sorry .. I hope that her life gets better and against the argument … what can do …

  9. 저 상황은 집사가 엄청 스트레스 받는 상황.. 경험해 본 사람만이 안다….

  10. 울집 고양이었으면 두마리 다 감금이다 ㅋㅋㅋ

  11. 아줌마 깁스가 더 똑땅해…

  12. 앗 왠지 반전이 나올 것만 같은 이 느낌….ㅎㅎㅎ

  13. Please re home lulu, she needs her own space. It is not healthy.

  14. 3:06 브금 아시는분 있나요? 제발

  15. 반려동물 보호세 미친 정부 😡😡😡 버리는 사람이 더 늘면 어떡할려고

  16. 애완동물 공동묘지 고양이랑 비슷하게 생겼다

  17. 반전…..좋아서 고백하려는데 둘이 경쟁자인거지 …..밤에 혼자 고백하러감 괴롭히는척 ㅋㅋ

  18. cats are the same as teenage humans

    this is a space problem

    imagine 10 people in a small house. it's the same the solution is to improve the fence seen in the video 고양이는 인간과 같다 그것 공간 문제입니다 작은 집에 10 고유 인간 해결책 울타리에있다 울타리를 개선

  19. cats are the same as teenage humans

    this is a space problem

    imagine 10 people in a small house. it's the same the solution is to improve the fence seen in the video 고양이는 인간과 같다 그것 공간 문제입니다 작은 집에 10 고유 인간 해결책 울타리에있다 울타리를 개선

  20. 저 철망은 너무 약해요..방묘문 다는 게 최선이에요. 저도 몇년전부터 겪고있는데 진짜 죽이려고 달려듭니다…

  21. Please be consider of Lulu and either fix the situation for good or let her go to loving stress free home. She is going to be sick and depressed. Too many cats in such a small place. She 8s constantly in fear poor Lulu, feel sorry for her.

  22. "Faking for lyfe" 😂😂

  23. 1:18 똑똑한 고양ㅇ이 !!!

  24. 외국새끼들 이래라저래라 쩌네

  25. 내가아는 그루루같다

  26. 서열낮은 고양이는 하루하루 사는게 얼마나 지옥 같을까… 저래서 분리해줄거면 정확히 분리해야지… 저게 뭐야…. 불쌍해 정말…

  27. These are no kitties!
    These are actors of high school age dressed as cats! 😁😁😁

  28. 일요일 아침 몇시에 어떤 채널에 해요?

  29. Lulú feel no comfortable and its Alot stress her being around more cats. She needs maybe more space. Animal behavior only can helps her. ♥️

  30. Oooooo i have also same stress with my 7 cats. Some are sweet each other and others ar enemies. Its hard problems to face i can understand that lady about lulú. I hope someone helps her. ♥️

  31. Lulu needs a new home where she gets to be the only cat, this is horrible for her. I feel so sorry for her.

  32. Cats are the best:£

  33. 고양이나 개들에겐 선악의 개념이 없는데 인간이 가장 착각하는 부분.
    우리 고양이는, 우리 개는 착해요~

  34. 내일 하는 거죠?

  35. I can't wait to see the next episode. I have the same going on here, they go after my one female all the time! I tried everything to no avail.

  36. Lovely cat 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  37. 병주고 약주고 인가 콩이??

  38. 뭐지 이 막장드라마는…..
    뭐야 이건

  39. I would love to know how you are doing to solve this problem. Please update I have some serious issues.
    What should I do 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  40. 갑순이눈 괴롭히는거고 콩이는 말리러가는거고.
    밤엔 콩이가 루루 괜찮은지 보러가는거

  41. Waiting patiently for the behaviorist T-T

  42. 루루는 크림히어로즈 고양이잖아요;;

  43. 근데 옷장 위에 방석 깔린걸 보니 고양이들이 좋아할 자리긴 하다..높고 좁고 방석 깔리고…

  44. 아니 아이들 소개할때 갑돌해서 튀동숲 생각났네

  45. 1:25 한글로는 아놔인데 영어로는 fuc..

  46. 항상 썸네일이 안 볼 수 없게 돼 있어서 맨날 애니멀봐 누르고 있음

  47. 주인이 루루를 더 챙겨줘서 관심 받으려고 주인 깨있을때만 괴롭히는 건가

  48. Mana lanjutannya min???
    Aduuuhhh… Ga sabar nya pengen nonton LULU 😕

    Smoga mereka baik baik saja. 😌

  49. Those gangsters/repeat offenders belong in maximum security!!🤣🤣

  50. 뭔가 큰 반전일 거 같다..

  51. 왜케 괴롭히고 그려 .내가 다 스트레스받는거같네

  52. That's it?
    Just stopped with no conclusion……….?
    No explanation or attempt at solving this situation?
    So now what for the cats AND the viewers?

  53. 머지 밤에 몰래 그짓 하러 갔나~???

  54. Thats so stressfull, I'm not the cat and i feel so insecure 😅, poor Kitty, he is gonna get sick if he isnt able to sleep

  55. Teasing? You call this teasing? Cats can die defending their territory. Unfortunately humans will never respect cats and dogs' want for personal space where there's no other aggressive pets.

  56. 아 딴짓하다가 갑돌이 재떨이로 들었어 순간놀래서 고개를 확돌려서 폰봤더니 목땡긴다

  57. the poor cat.. maybe the owner should either give away one of the cats between the three away.. or move out and find a bigger space for the cats to live in.. cats are still territorial animals when there is not enough space for them to be safe..

  58. Lulu ❤️ Kong e amiguinho são lindos 😂😂😂❤️🐈🐈🐈 dois gângsters

  59. are the editor name gapson?
    why you tease us with cliffhanger.
    on side note, i think kong are going to tease lulu too, that's how it's sound looks like.

  60. I think Kong likes Lulu

  61. I hope they help her. Because I feel bad for Lulu.

  62. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 냥아치가아니라 멍아치아님

  63. It woulb be less stressful for any cat if it was not locked up all day every day in a tiny flat with lots others,, it's cruel,,,

  64. 아직 뒷편 안나왔나여?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 궁그매…

  65. 저 좁은 집에 너무 많소

  66. 처음에 피디님 안녕하고 야옹~하시는거 졸귀 ㅋㅋㅋ

  67. 어머나 😮
    완전 살벌하네요,
    내가 루루라면 자살할거 같아요😭😭

  68. OMG..I totally can relate… There was this cat which I think was lost/abandon at my house…the cat was ill at the time (terrible diarrhea) and he was bullied by my two neighbor's cat (the boss and the seriously….the sidekick always bow to the boss every time they passed each other).The two cats think that my house was also part of their territories. One night the ill cat was terribly bullied so I had no choice but to bring him inside my house. The two cats knew that the ill cat was inside the house so the were guarding around my house the whole night. Since it was a sudden action of rescue, I had no toilet liter in the house at the time. The ill cat really wanted to poop bcz of the diarrhea but he cant go outside since the two cat were still guarding. Around 12 midnight I decided to let the ill cat go outside, I thought maybe the two cats had went back home, but of course no.. the two cats were still guarding. The ill cat was very frantic inside the house bcz of the two cats outside and he cant poop…so I put some old newspaper at a corner of the house for him to poop. He was reluctant but since he also had no choice he just poop on the newspaper…then not enough newspaper so we use a box and asked him to poop inside the box…. OMG it was a nightmare…the smells and the liquidy poops…the next day I bought the necessities for the ill cat and he settled inside my house. However, the two cats were still guarding around my house every single day. Sometimes they even tried to sneak inside the house to attack the ill cat but we chased them out.

    When the ill cat recovered, the two cats still came to terrorize him at my house every single day. I think the ill cat, now my cat finally had enough and he was all full of vengeance. First he settled the sidekick coz the sidekick is relatively small and my cat is quite big. The sidekick then stop messing with my cat but the boss still comes to fight my cat every single day but it was just about screaming at each other and no actual touching.

    One day I noticed something really funny, the sidekick was having an affair with the boss's girlfriend cat and the boss saw it. The boss then immediately attacked his sidekick. I saw it with my own eyes the drama being unfolded…it was so intense and dramatic. I think the fight ended up with the sidekick permanently ran away from this area as he cannot survive by having 2 enemies around.

    Since the boss was alone, my cat with his vengeance started to seek revenge and it is no more a mere screaming fight. It has become violence. Sometimes my cat came back with a bloody face and scratches here and there. Eventually , my cat managed to push the boss away from my house which is now his territory and he also had advanced his territory to fight for the neighbor's area. The boss cat was then left to defend his territory (my neighbor's house). At fist it was always my cat being chased, but now my cat is chasing the boss cat. My cat gives him no chance at all, he was determined to finish off the boss cat. One time when they were fighting, I grabbed my cat to separate the cats. When I was holding him, his body was shaking out of anger and he was grunting angrily like a mad cat…hahaha…..then I locked him inside my room but he was passing back and forth and kept on looking outside the window…its was very intense..even I got scared at the time..hahaha…..

    Everyone told me, the vet and other cat parents that I should neuter my cat to stop the fight and all. They assured me that the cat would stop fighting after being neutered and so I did. The night that he got back from neutering, instead of resting at home, he was already making noises wanting to go out to fight the boss cat. I had to calm him and stay with him for about 3 days after the neutering but when I did not notice my cat sneak out of the house from the wind whole which I had no idea how he can fit into that small whole. He immediately went to the neighbor's house to fight again. I got all headache and let me tell you, neutering a cat doesn't mean the cat will also loose his memory, he just lost his balls. He wont forget his vengeance and enemy just because he was neutered. Neutering a cat to stop them from fighting, that is a total bullshit. My cat even got stronger after neutering coz he doesn't have to worry about the female cats anymore. My cat was so determine to fight the boss cat and recently the boss cat had also vanished from this area.

    My cat now has become the sole king of the area around here and all the female cats want to mate with him including the boss's gf but too bad he has no balls anymore…hahaha….but its good that the boss cat is gone now coz he always impregnate the females cat around here but most the kittens died or become strays….so now everything is good…everyone is happy….I am happy and my cat is happy and my neighbor don't even bother about their missing cats…I hope the two vanished cats are also happy somewhere out there……

  69. 어휴 저게 애니멀홀더지 뭐야 저 작은집에 몇마리나 사는겨

  70. 우리 고양이도 까민데♥♥

  71. 엔딩 완전 소리 싸우기 직전같은데

  72. 😅😅😅😅 that fu**

  73. 오늘 아침에 본거다!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. I've kept cats since young and currently have 3 of them. I'll try my best to explain to my understanding. LuLu stayed on the top of the cupboard is because to her it is her safe heaven to avoid the two other kitties who are bullies. The two may act that way may most probably due to the owner taking Lulu in one day and not properly introduce Lulu to the cats. What I would recommend is that the owner reintroduce the cats in a brand new environment for about a week. A different place and environment that's does not have any of their scent. Placed the cats food dish in each side of a close door during meals, that way they can smell each other's scent through the closed door while having their meal then slowly opening up the door a little so that they can see Lulu after a few days. Lulu is a tree type of cat, meaning she likes to stay at a high area, it's safe for her. And because that Lulu do not have self-confidence, the cats sees it as an opportunity to bully the weaker one – Lulu. Of course, it's best to check with the cat behaviorist for their opinion as well. And definitely neuter and spade the cats.

  75. 내가볼땐 고양이들에겐 지옥일거같다…. 좋은 마음인건 알겟는데… 모르는사람들 가둬놓고 키우는 교도소랑 다를게 뭐야…저렇게 지들끼리 으르렁 거리고 싸우고 저러는데

  76. 전 참다참다 남의집 해비급냥이 모셔다
    저희집에서 몇칠 지냄
    울집냥이들 서로 친해짐…….
    솔직히 이럴줄은 몰랐음

  77. Poor Lulu. 🙁 Kong is the issue that keeps bullying Lulu. I hope they get help.

  78. 엥 모야ㅑ 궁금하게…ㅠㅠ

  79. 뒷부분 어떻게 된지 아시는분?

  80. where is the part2?

  81. Please stop with this nightmare for her. She needs another place to be.

  82. 이거 2편어딨죠ㅜㅋ넘나궁금해요!!!!

  83. Videonun gerisi nerde 😠

  84. 다리빨리 나으세요

  85. 루루라고해서 크림히어로즈가 생각난1인

  86. 😢😭 poor Lulu. She needs a new home away from meanies.

  87. When will we get the next episode? Tuesday now. Hurm.

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