✔ Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dolphins

✔ Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dolphins

DISCLAIMER: YOU MIGHT KNOW SOME OF THESE IF SO, GIVE YOURSELF A HIGH-5 🙂 THINGS YOU DIDN”T KNOW ABOUT DOLPHINS Swimming with dolphins gives you a temporary status effect. It’s called ‘Dolphins’s Grace’ and has a cute little icon! It boosts your swimming speed significantly. It’s very practical to play with the dolphins when going somewhere! 😀 Dolphins used to have a neck joint! This image of a video was taken at MineCon Earth Even in the official artwork 1.13 the dolphin was different! Dolphins will play with dropped items This behavior is completely unique to the dolphin. This is super cute, until they spread all your items in the ocean. Don’t die near dolphins, you won’t be able to find all your items! The sound dolphins make are real recordings of dolphins! Samuel Aaberg made the recordings. *Samuel Aaberg is Mojang’s lead sound designer Samuel went to Kolmarden Wildlife Park in Sweden There, he had a personal recording session with the dolphins. Dolphins are neutral mobs. However, like wolves and pigmen, they will hit back as a group. Once you attack one, they all jump on you, making them really dangerous. :I Dolphins deal 2, 3 or 4 damage depending on difficulty. A group of dolphins is called a pod. Not really a Minecraft fact, but a fun one nonetheless! Dolphins can survive for up to 2 minutes above water. After that, they will quickly suffocate. However, they can also drown. They only have breath for 2 minutes of underwater swimming. This means dolphins can’t stay in any one place for too long You can feed dolphins raw cod. You have to right-click them though they’ll just play with it if it’s dropped. Feeding a dolphin cod will increase it’s ‘trust’ with you. This makes the dolphin more likely to play with you. A fed dolphin will also swim towards the nearest treasure! Much like eyes of ender lead you to strongholds. This can be buried treasure, shipwrecks or ruins. Just to remind you, I love ratings and comments! We found a shipwreck Not sure why it’s not going directly to it… (Living Mice by C418) Ooooh, an underwater ruin confused it a little. Treasure! 😀 Dolphins sure are really useful! Since dolphins are aquatic mobs, they are weak to the impaling enchantment… Like with other group mobs, killing them with a single attack won’t trigger nearby mobs… The hardest part is getting your trident back… And, apparently, some dolphins are made of steel. (End Screen)

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  1. Hi, thanks for watching! I try reading all your comments. An extra thanks to all the translators. 🙂

    If you want to help translate, start here:

  2. I was so bored so I watched Magma Musen :3

  3. Dolphins
    Ahh yes inslaved treasure map

  4. This is one of my favorite videos that you’ve done “Things you didn’t know about _______” I just got a new map named “animals” and I want to tame pets there, this helps taming dolphins . I’ve always believed that dolphins are as smart as humans

  5. I came here to see how to saddle a dolphin and throw a chest on it for a road trip through the oceans to truly become Aquaman. I left here disappointed ?

  6. Controcion ior server

  7. 4:48 that dolphin thinks its in a party lol

  8. So c l i c k b a I t. I wanted to ride a dolphin >XC

  9. Naaahhh!!! Don’t kill dolphins they’re cute!

  10. gracias yo no sabia eso de los delfines 🙂


  12. You forgot dolphins can leap above water

  13. Cool vid and I have a fact:
    dolphins can survive if you put them on bubble baths they love those


    -MINECRAFT PE loading tips

  16. Wow ? I haven’t seen a dolphin ? jump

  17. İ wouldnt hurt any single man so cute

  18. Yes yes but where are the sharks????????????

  19. "Don't kill dolphins, you monster!"

  20. you knew i was lonely because you said to give myself a high five?

  21. die next to a dolphin with a lava bucket…

    dolphins: this looks interesting!!

  22. QUICK FACT: Dolphins are rapists

  23. Shark infested water…

    Well done Mojang

  24. When i play minecraft. and after i create a new world. it says "don't kill a dolphin,you monster" but after logging the game i enchant my sword and drink night vision and water breathing. I swim to the ocean and find dolphin after finding a dolphin.i killed it and nothing happen's…i thought i m gonna turned to a monster

    -THE END!

  25. 2:13 im calling peta for harming dolphins

  26. roses are red!
    violets are purple! (NOT BLUE!)
    Dolphins are cool!
    And So Are You!

  27. Dolphin: *Contained in a small glass container*
    Hooman: PERISH.

  28. Where did you got the music

  29. So you can’t ride them?
    Imma head out

  30. I alway think that damn fish can only eat and feed cat xD

  31. Don't kill dolphins you monster

  32. Ah não da pra montar neles que pena!??

  33. No animals were abused during the production of this showcase..

  34. paano. sak yan. dophins.

  35. I need a seahorse now. So that we can travel quickly underwater. How about a submarinic update, mojang hm?

  36. i love your videos it gives me so mutch ideas

  37. Am I the only one that think dolphin hurt sfx sounds like a laser gun?

  38. i like to rewatch a vid so i can give myself high fives 🙂

  39. I just now got the 1.13 update which means there aren't foxes on mine yet COZ PS4 UPDATES ARE ALWAYS LATE

  40. I like dolphins they are cute

  41. I love to feed dolphins raw call of duty

  42. This is a good thing to know

  43. Really cool informative video! And quite relaxing too. This video gave me the idea I think I want an xbox to play minecraft on. I play bedrock on my adroid mostly. But playing in the PC is just incumbersome to me.

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  44. Dolphins Is jotaro kujo favourite girl

  45. 3:14 Our King lives here

  46. Ma sono l'unica italiana? Commenta

  47. Warum sind de8ne Titel immer auf Deutsch aber das Video am Ende auf Englisch

  48. i tried grains it dint work anything dint work

  49. Minecraft and Fifa gamer and YouTuber

  50. Kujo Jotaro has joined the server

  51. feeding a dolphin will lead you to a shipwreck
    Edit: just follow the white trail

  52. Omg Kolmården i Sverige i norrköping??

  53. Don't kill dolphins!!

  54. I died in water and my diamond chest plate went missing

    I guess I know who was responsible

  55. Like si te encantan los delfines del minecraft >:3 ❤❤

  56. Hey man you making very good videos and I will give you a sub

  57. worse treasure ever

  58. searching on google
    How to save a beached dolphin

    How to save a beached dolphin in minecraft

  59. 9:14

    Y-Y-Y-You monster you killed the poor thing

  60. I wish Notch added penguins. :C

  61. When you saw sweden*


  62. 2:36 that was exactly what happened to me

  63. 7:37
    Dolphins are clever too.. to eat fishes..

  64. I actually had the dolphins grace effect in real life. I was in Cancun Mexico at a sea life place by the ocean and I got to ride dolphins! And they helped me swim fast!

  65. Wait what? I got an a baby Dolphin in my Minecraft server OwO
    ~Not joking

  66. The dolphin sounds are real

    Dolphin hurt
    Dolphin Death


  67. Wait if dolphins work like an eye of ender does that mean they also shatter into pieces which can't be put together again. Also Dolphin Portal? I knew my dolphin prison was worth it!

  68. Esta bien hermoso el delfín magma musen 🙂

  69. 4:28 that’s what you call desperate


  71. I'm gonna make an aqarium about dolphins

  72. ok but the music totally stresses me out. it kinda sounds like my alarm sound that's waking me up every morning

  73. Warum ist das auf englisch

  74. I didnt now that they exist

  75. Wait that dolphin in sweden is a place that i visited!

  76. Dolphins are my favorite mob.

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