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Best way to give a massage

Massage has been practiced for thousands of years. Today, if you need or want a massage, you can choose from among 80 massage therapy styles with a wide variety.
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Kylie lies down to learn the technique. Training My Masseuse: BTS Featurette. Brett shows him her NURU massage set up. Multiple Weekly Network Updates. Making sure he gets the full service before he pops, she mounts his cock and takes a pounding with her pussy. Something is waiting in there. When she heads back to her car wagging her tush behind her,Marco follows her all the way home.

Welcome to the Official Nuru Massage website, home of the erotic art of Japanese Nuru Massage. Watch our sexy masseuses unlock and administer the secrets of this sensual body on body massage technique that is hundreds of years old.

Let our experienced asian masseuses, teen massage girls, and even porn stars massage away your every care and bring you to new heights of pleasure and relaxation. Show details Hide details List details. Highest rated Left Right. She attracts the help of motorist Marco Ducati who offers to give her battery a boost. She wants to do something to thank him properly for extending a hand. Brett just started a career giving meditative massage and invites him for a treatment at her house.

But Brett insists on making it right. When she heads back to her car wagging her tush behind her,Marco follows her all the way home. Brett shows him her NURU massage set up, best way to give a massage. She leaves him by the mattress to get undressed. After she comes back out naked and undresses Marco, she applies the NURU gel all over them both. Then she boards him and begins the full contact massage, making sure he can feel her pussy. She slides down to his erect cock and sucks his hardon while he pants heavily, trying not to blow his load.

She climbs onto his cock and she moans in appreciation of the way he fills her up. She bounces her tight ass and grinds her pussy on him till she cums. Marco sideloads her wet pussy picking up speed. Then he gets on top of her putting his back into it, turning red in the face, and swollen in the head. The tension in his dick intensifies with every thrust, and Marco pounds the lady till his ballsack releases his sticky cumload all over her tits. Big TitsBlondeBody MassageBlowjobTitty FuckDeepthroatHardcoreBest way to give a massage On TitsBody SlidingMassageHD PornNuru Gel.

Her bed is covered with a weird waterproof vinyl sheet. Her closet is empty except for towels. Jayden hears Alison coming upstairs and hangs up the phone on her friend. She warns Alison that Jayden is on to her. Jayden confronts Alison directly demanding answers, best way to give a massage, or else. This kind of massage is conducted with both parties naked. Jayden is pretty amazed by the sensation. Alison is pressing into her with the full weight of her body, especially her conspicuously naked pussy.

She turns Jayden onto her back and massages her big MILF tits. Jayden gets carried away in the pleasure of the moment and touches Alison inappropriately, but apologizes immediately for her indiscretion. Then the lesbians interlock their legs, and start tribbing their pussies lasciviously, till they both explode!

KissingPussy LickingBrunetteTribbingMILFLesbiansFingeringNatural TitsBody SlidingMassageAssCunilingusHD PornMember FantasyNuru GelPetitePornstarRedheadStepmomFamily Roleplay. Tommy Gunn visits the spa wearing his sexy couple massage scrubs with a special request for masseuse Amara Romani. Tommy is a gynecologist and wants to live out his fantasy, which is to perform a gynecological exam on a patient, but without the usual restrictions enforced by the medical review board.

Amara Romani agrees with the roleplay request and gets puts on the medical examination gown he brought for the occasion. She lies down on the examination erotic massage vidoes and he spreads her legs wide open to facilitate his work.

Wearing a pair of medical examination gloves the good doctor palpates her pelvic area and proceeds with an internal examination after lubing her pussy with NURU gel. Meanwhile, Amara melts on the table. That thick dick makes Amara cum fast, best way to give a massage. Doctor Tommy really gets into fucking her as if she were his patient, till his balls are ready to burst and he loses his patience in her mouth! OilPussy LickingBrunetteBlowjobCum in MouthDeepthroatHardcoreFingeringNatural TitsBubble ButtCollegeCunilingusHD PornBig Dick.

Uncle Stone leaves his nephew with Aunt Sarah, and they head erotic massage in las vegas the NURU room to meet the girl who will be his masseuse. But Aunt Sarah throws T. Stone for a loop when she announces that she will be the attending masseuse today.

In that case, he agrees to go along with the engagement present, and follows her naked into the shower. She also reminds him that cleanliness is next to godliness while sudsing up his cock with soapy water.

Then they head onto the mat for the NURU treatment. She slathers him with NURU gel, which feels cold but amazing. Aunt Sarah is very attentive to her step nephew as she slides her slippery body up and down his. While she works his groin, she pivots her ass over his face and lets him feast on her glistening pussy.

Making sure he gets the full service before he pops, she mounts his cock and takes a pounding with her pussy. Aunt Sarah cums lickity split rubbing her asshole at the same time. Stone side loads his favorite aunt and makes her cum again. She rides him reverse cowboy locking his cock in her pussy grip. He ravages her pussy, fucking her hard till he busts a nut, giving her a creampie!

Click to find out! Logan Long is married to the cousin of masseuse Kimber Woods. This puts her in an awkward position. However, she agrees to take him as a client if the treatment stays G-rated.

She keeps it bubbly and light when she undresses him as a matter of company policy. Logan invites Kimber to feel it, reminding her that he and his wife are swingers.

As Kimber lathers him up and notices his burgeoning erection, she can barely resist jacking him off. Kimber Woods rebukes herself and directs him onto the mat for their NURU massage. She scoops up a handful of NURU gel and rubs it all over his back and legs. She bathes herself in the gel then lies on top him and slides up and down erotically. She gets lost in her work of relaxing him but the nakedness of her pussy only makes his erection more persistent. This becomes very evident when she turns him over.

She best way to give a massage her best to keep the proceedings professional but the handjob quickly escalates to a blow job. Cousin Kimber bobs her head on his cock and deepthroats him with lots of suction. That makes it difficult to slide up and down without letting him slip inside of her pussy. The kissing cousins switch positions and engage in faster more slippery thrusting.

Kimber splays her legs wide open while Logan fucks her deeply till he drops his seed on her hairy muff! BrunetteBody MassageBlowjobDeepthroatNatural TitsMassageAssHD PornBig DickNuru GelCum on PussyFamily Roleplay. He hears she gives good massages, maybe they can work something out. They go into the NURU massage room where she inflates his cock with fellatio. The waify blonde offers him a shower, but he wants to hurry up and get down to business.

He stands up just about ready to bolt, pointing at her accusingly with his erection. She appeases him and swallows his meat. But she stops him, and instructs him to get on the mat. He lies down on his stomach and she slathers the NURU gel over his body and hers. She turns him over and adds more NURU gel. She sits her juicy pussy on his hard cock and fucks him.

Then she slinks her gelled up body all over him and sucks on his cock and balls. He fucks her deeply sideways till he mattes her hairy pussy with a deposit of spunk! Will that cover her rent?

OilKissingFaceSittingBlondeTattooBody MassageBlowjobCock Pussy Rubbing best way to give a massage, JacuzziDeepthroatHardcoreNatural TitsCock Ass RubBody SlidingMassageHD PornBig DickCum on Pussy. Logan Long wakes up Christmas morning in bed with sexy girlfriend Gina Valentina.

She suspects that Santa came early this year, and Logan follows her into the living room to inspect. Something is waiting in there.

The tiny tattooed brunette pulls off her pajama bra and panties, while Logan lies down on the mat. Slow and steady she takes all of his big dick in her pussy. She thrusts her weight to fuck him harder. And with the assistance of the sticky wet gel, her movements effectively bring her to a shuddering orgasm. He flips her over and pummels her from on top, but her juicy quim is so tight, it sucks him like a vacuum till he creampies, cumming hard inside her chimney chute, spilling his love juice until her cup runneth over.

OilBrunetteTattooBody MassageBlowjobDeepthroatNatural TitsLatinaBody SlidingMassageHairyHD PornMember FantasyNuru GelPetite. When Peyton Coast asks her friend Vanessa Veracruz for anniversary ideas to celebrate with her boyfriend, Vanessa Veracruz talks her into giving him a NURU massage. Beside the mattress covered in plastic is a bowl of thick, viscous liquid that Vanessa says, feels unbelievable on the skin.

She explains that she just gave her boyfriend one yesterday. Peyton takes off her top and her bra, then her panties. Peyton is so excited, she can hardly wait for Vanessa to remove her shirt before reaching out to touch her boobs.

The girls make a pact not to tell their boyfriends. Peyton lies on the mattress, on her stomach facing down. The sunkissed masseuse coats herself with the gel. With a flick of her tongue, she makes Peyton cum. Peyton goes down on Vanessa and gets her back, before Vanessa climbs on top and scissors Peyton energetically, tribbing their lesbian pussies until they succumb! KissingPussy Lickingbest way to give a massage, Big TitsTattooTribbingBody MassageLesbiansFingeringNatural TitsMassageCunilingusHD PornNuru Gel.

The only way around it is to come for a massage. She would be willing to book an appointment some other time, but Seth insists they take care of it right now. Seth focuses on giving Chanel the bath part of the NURU experience.

She sits between his legs in the bathtub while he massages her breasts. His erection digs into her back but she mistakes it for his thumb. He moves her onto the massage mattress and oils her body with NURU gel. Seth has a hard time concealing his erection for this part of the massage.

But when she calls him out on his enjoyment, he abruptly ends the best way to give a massage. At this point Chanel gets pissed. She gets to sucking like she promised, best way to give a massage. Then she climbs on top of Seth and sticks his dick deep inside her pussy. He lies down sideways and inserts his cock into her ass. He fucks her asshole and rubs her hairy wet pussy till she cums crying in pleasure. The Chanel eats the ass off his dick, and fucks the cum out of his cock with her pussy!

Big TitsTattooMILFShowerBlowjobHardcoreCock Ass RubAnalMassageAssHD PornMember FantasyRealityCum on Pussy. Porn actor Kurt Lockwood is bored, calling his buddies to make plans.

But when no one is available, he decides to choke the chicken and searches online for inspiration. He comes across an ad for massage with fellow porn star Riley Reid. He gets to the spa excited to see Riley who is a really cool chick in person. They go over to the showers. Their mutual affection is creating some natural sexual chemistry. They get in the bath joking around like old friends with a good rapport, and best way to give a massage Riley gives him a blow job.

She sucks him good and hard, then bends forward to take it. He penetrates her pussy and fucks her in the bath, ecstatic to be getting to know his crush intimately before she begins the massage.

They move onto the air mattress where she coats his entire body with NURU gel. She slathers it all over herself then straddles her client. He wants to feel more of her naked lubed up pussy pressing into him, so he turns onto his back.

She continues to slide and the NURU gel helps to suction his dick into her pussy. Kurt is a professional and he knows how to impress the female talent. BrunetteTattooShowerBody MassageBlowjobDeepthroatHardcoreNatural TitsBody SlidingRimmingMassagebest way to give a massage, AssHD PornBig DickMember FantasyNuru GelOpen Mouth FacialPetitePornstar.

The guys arrive at the spa before Maya, and criticize the mess. She runs a warm and inviting bath for the boys. Her juicy nipples poke out of her red fishnet body stocking, making their dicks hard. Sucking them off in the tub, she goes bobbing for apples, stroking their tensions away. Then she brings them onto the mat for the NURU massage, she makes herself wet with the NURU gel.

One at a time she applies full body contact, massaging them with her natural boobs and wet pussy. Stone gets his cock sucked, so Maya has to work doubly hard, pleasing both cocks on demand! Big TitsBlondeMILFBlowjobCum in MouthFacialJacuzziDeepthroatThreesomeCock MilkingHardcoreCum On TitsNatural TitsBody SlidingBathCock TeaseFishnetHD PornNuru GelOpen Mouth Facial.

Good buddies Abby Cross and Jake Jace are watching the game and rooting for opposite teams, when they make a friendly wager on who will be the winner. If Jake wins the bet, Abby has to give him a NURU massage. But she proves to be a good sport, and leads Jake into the massage room where they both get stark naked. She drizzles the cool gel on his back, warming it with her hands as she smooths it all over his skin. The she applies the NURU Gel to herself, making her body totally wet and lubricated.

She jerks off his lubed up dick, before sticking it in her mouth, sucking on his distended cock, then sliding the head and shaft in and out of her warm, wet pussy.

Browse All Massage Videos on Nuru Massage. Upcoming Nuru Massage Porn Videos. Right before the shower, the girls help Marco out of his clothes, revealing his huge, long cock that is already extremely erect.

The waif masseuse disrobes, showing off her perfect petite body, and guides Marco under the running water. She starts rubbing his knob with soap, while Abella takes off her panties and fingers her pussy, putting on a show for both her husband and the masseuse. She continues to suck him off while Abella sits on the edge of the bath getting her tits felt up by her pampered man. Marco enjoys the view of Abella playing with her hairy pussy while his dick is deep throated by the masseuse.

Melissa guides Marco onto the mat and applies a scoop of NURU gel all over his back, while Abella is perched on the counter rubbing her own wet pussy and watching them. When Melissa lies on top of Marco, Abella helps Melissa get covered in the viscous liquid. Abella rubs the gel over herself and joins Melissa in sliding on her husband. Marco pummels her pussy deeply till Melissa cums vocally on his cock.

Marco fucks the masseuse deeply and repeatedly till she cums again, and then he busts a nut on her face. Kissingbest way to give a massage, BrunetteTattooShowerBody MassageHandjobBlowjobCum in MouthJacuzziDeepthroatThreesomeMasturbationFingeringNatural TitsMassageBall PlayBubble ButtHD PornBig DickNuru Gel. Pattaya erotic massage brother Dylan Snow is scrolling through inappropriate photos he secretly took of his hot teen step sister Alison Rey.

He touches the slippery liquid and bets it would feel great on his dick. He whips out his cock and starts stroking it while ogling the photos before he notices he has company.

Alison walks in and catches him doing the unthinkable. He tries to deflect his transgression by confronting her about the seedy business she secretly practices, but Alison assures him that what she is doing is well indian erotic massage new jersey board. She even gave her step mom a NURU treatment a couple of days ago and she loved it.

Dylan Snow accepts her offer to give him a demonstration, and she tantalizes him with a striptease. She arranges her step brother face up on the mattress, because Dylan already has a raging hard on. She coats them both in the NURU gel. The teen minx best way to give a massage him to eat her pussy which she shoves her ass in his face. He obliges, engulfing her meaty pussy lips and clit with his mouth, while she sucks his cock.

Then she swallows his cock in her tight pussy, clearly getting off. He sits up and fucks her frantically, thrusting his hips till she cums. Then she jerks the cum out of his cock, taking his load on her face! But will Dad come home early and catch them?!

Now that Tyler Nixon is cumming of age, his dad Eric Masterson wishes to pass on some wisdom about why men cheat, as taught to him by his own dad. In keeping with tradition, Eric brings Tyler to the NURU spa to meet his paramour masseuse Karlee Grey.

Eric sits down between his son and his masseuse and explains to Tyler that he loves his wife very much, but a man has certain needs that cannot be met by the mother of his children.

Karlee is going to teach him why men cheat, while Eric proudly waits in the waiting room. The eager-eyed boy follows the hot masseuse into the bathroom. Karlee removes her robe for him, and she swivels and flaunts her insanely hot body. Slowly and seductively she lowers his pants and sucks his burgeoning erection, letting Tyler know his dad likes that too. They move into the bathtub and lock lips passionately while she continues to rub his hard knob.

She begins to fellate him while he plays with her full natural boobs. He tit fucks her magnificent tits. She spreads a handful of NURU gel onto his back and covers herself as well. Straddling his backside she slides her full weight up and down his body, stroking him with her hairy wet pussy. She gives him a juicy handjob and blowjob combo before his cock slides into her pussy.

Tyler plows her pussy with his lubed up cock, fucking her hard enough to make her cum. She shakes her ass moaning through her orgasm. Then he tastes her pussy, turns her onto her side and rams her till he loses his load on her bush. KissingBig TitsShowerHandjobBlowjobCock Pussy RubbingJacuzziTitty FuckDeepthroatFingeringNatural TitsBall LickingBody SlidingMassageAss MassageHD PornNuru GelCum on Pussy. Popular Nuru Massage Pornstars. Show details Hide details. Highest Rated Left Right, best way to give a massage.

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Effleurage: a smooth, gliding stroke used to relax soft tissue. Health and Balance Home. Massage has been practiced for thousands of years. More and more people -- especially baby boomers -- recognize the health benefits of massage. She starts rubbing his knob with soap, while Abella takes off her panties and fingers her pussy, putting on a show for both her husband and the masseuse. But she proves to be a good sport, and leads Jake into the massage room where they both get stark naked. Chandler Massage - Neck and Shoulder Massage Techniques